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More determined than ever!


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A little about myself, My name is tom and im 20 years old. I've always struggled with my weight and have found myself ending up at a huge 20 stone 12lbs and realise that there is no time like the present to shed the lbs and get the body that i've always wanted.

I've tried cambridge before but i've never managed to stick to it, despite some great losses. I've always had issues with emotional eating and just eat out of boredom, i've never had the self control or willpower to "deny" myself all those tasty little treats.

I'm now on day 2 of SS and its all going well so far :) it's a pretty tough diet to follow as i work full time in a fish and chip shop (one of the big factors of my recent weight gain) i love my job but it's just so hard having all that delicious food in front of me and knowing i can help myself!

But i have a dream holiday to america booked for march 1st so im determined to not look like a beached whale in my holiday pictures! So with any luck, this could be the start of a new and thinner me :)
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You sound very determined! And its great to have a target like a holiday.

Where abouts in America are you going?

Good luck for today!
Hey Tom and well done on getting to day 2 :) it is a tough diet but if you stick the first week it gets loads easier :)
I can imagine working in a chippie is tough , I find feeding the kids difficult but in the long run it just makes you stronger in the face of temptation . I think I would find it harder if I didnt come across yummy food every day .. when you did encounter it , the temptation would be harder to resist , so try and see it as a positive :)

You sound very positive and determined , which I think are the biggest success factors in this plan .... I wish you loads of luck and hope to see your fantastic losses soon xx
Welcome Tom :) booking a holiday is a good incentive to lose weight! You men are lucky, you all lose weight so easily. My boyfriend is on CD too and lost 2 stone so far in 5 weeks. You'll be on the beach in no time.


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Thanks for all your welcoming messages, i'm off on a roadtrip around the southern states, staying at nashville, memphis, new orleans (we will be there for mardi gras as well!) and a few other towns around the coast of georgia, louisianna etc, it can't come soon enough!

I've now made it through day three and we were quite quiet in the shop today which meant my colleagues were stood around munching on choccie bars and drinking nice sweet cups of tea, it wasn't easy but i made sure i kept a bottle of water to hand all day so i could have a swig when i felt the temptation.

I think one of the eye opening things about this diet is the fact i've been able to really think about why i want to eat, when i get the cravings. A lot of the time i've realised its just habit, like when i was watching a film yesterday i really wanted a plate of something tasty to snack on, but realised it wasn't the hunger it was because it's what i always do/did when i watched a film.

Ah well, bring on day four, its an 11 hour shift in the chippie but i know i can get through it with my trusty water bottle by my side :) hope everyone is doing well and feeling good about themselves :)
Hi Tom good luck with this, ive just started myself on ss on monday 10/01/11. Ive never done cd before and im finding it ok so far. Im going to start my own diary just to keep me sane through the process so Ill keep an eye for your updates and weigh in results to see how your getting on seeing as your a day ahead. You should give yourself a pat on the back it must be really hard to resist tempation working in a chippy.
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Well day 4 is now under my belt, had a weird nights sleep last night and ended up awake since 5:30am and then went for an 11 hour shift at the chippie, i managed to time my shakes really badly as well so i had rather big gaps between them all which hasn't helped, but i've managed to glug down 6 litres of water today to keep any hunger/cravings at bay and got through :D still feeling very positive and really can't wait for my first weigh in now.

I hope everyone has had a good day today and not had too much trouble from temptations :)


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Well done - another day where you have been 100%. Congratulations!!

I have posted all about my hideous day full of tempations on the forum and in my diary (link in my signature if you have soem time to spare!). But I'm not sure even my dramatic story is a difficult as you have it working in a chippie!

Good luck for tomorrow.


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Well thats day five out of the way, i had a day off today so was worried i might be tempted to snack out of boredom, but pleasantly woke up to find myself full of energy, so i popped on the wii fit to try and help my losses along a bit and then went on the cross trainer for a bit of gentle excersize while the TV was on :) better than sitting on my bum :)

Deffinately happy with another 100% day done now and still not really had any issues with cravings as such, which is the weirdest part about it all. Previous times i've done SS ive really struggled with my willpower and craving junk food but this time it just hasn't happened, i guess maybe i'm just in a better place in my mind this time :)

I must also say that it is always hugely encouraging and inspiring to read all your diaries. I'm trying to get into a routine of posting here ever night to keep me on track and read as many new posts in your diaries as i can to keep me focussed.

Hope everyones been having good days today and managed to get through without any real blips :)


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Well done. I found day five the hardest so far. So you have done well to get through it!
Hi Tom

Great to read your updates - you are an inspiration to us all; I will make a mental note to remember you resisting the chips when I am tempted just looking in the fridge!

I tried CD a few years ago and every day was a struggle, this time I am 5 weeks through and I haven't had to struggle at all. I think you are right, mind-set is really important. I also made the choice not to go SS but to go on 810, with a few SS+ days thrown in. For me it has made a big difference to my ability to be happy and not feel deprived and throw a tantrum.

Hope Day 6 is just as good as the previous 5!

Well, i had my first realy "down day" since i started the diet yesterday, it was the first time i actually felt hungry but i just had my shakes a little bit closer together and drank more water and it got me through without too much trouble, i almost subconciously popped a chip in m mouth because it was what i used to do whenever i was hungry but then my brain kicked in and i just had my shake and made do :) all in all it was quite a tough day but i just took it hour by hour :) feeling quite tired this morning and dont really want to go to work but ah well, just today left and then tomorrow is my first weigh in! :D I'm so excited because i think i've lost a fair bit this week (fingers crossed). I'll let you all know how it goes.

As always i hope everyone had a great day yesterday and keep up all your hard work :)


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It seems everyone has their bad days. But as long as you can stay strong, often the next day is better. If you have a bad day, where you give in, the next few days are also likely to be bad, as you'll feel bad for living in.

Good luck for your weigh in! Let us know how you get on!
Well i've just gotten back from my first weigh in and was very pleased to find out i'm very much in ketosis, if a little dehydrated, and even more delighted than i had a loss of 9lbs this week! Brilliant :)

I've also lost 3 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my hips, 3.5 inches from my chest, 2.75 inches from my arms and 0.75 inches from my thighs! :D I'm really pleased about it all and it's just going to spur me on for week two to be 100% as well :)

I hope everyone else has had a great weekend and i'll be sure to catch up on your diaries in a minute :)
Wow what a great start and I am soooooo impressed that you are managing to refrain from the chips. I seriously don't know how you do it - you must be so determined this time. Just take every day a day at a time, a shake at a time and you'll get there.

I've done the trip that you have planned, it's such fun. The best bit for me was Graceland.

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