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Moreta's Weight Loss. :)

Hey, Im new to all of this, I started slimming world along with my mum the end of June. I became fed up with my weight being the biggest in my group for friends. and thought i had to do something about it, have an aim of losing 3 1/2 stone. joining with mum makes it easier for meals, Mum needs the support, she has much more than me to lose, So we're in it together!

My first week i felt i was struggling alot, working shifts, not having time to prepare meals i lost 4lb. was great,
week 2, stayed the same.
week 3, lost 2.5lb,
week 4, lost 2lb
week 5, 1lb on, to many birthdays.
week 6, lost 3lb
week 7, 2lb on whilst on holiday,
get back on track this week, and lose them couple of pounds.
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soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and welcome, well done on your weightloss so far and good luck with your weightloss journey, it is a great bunch of people here so anything you're not sure about ask away x
Oh dear, This week is going badly. My friend came back from America on sunday, from spending 12 weeks out there. he wanted to catch up this week, and has involved 3 drinking sessions, and 3 chineses. Hmm.
Have been working this week, so have been wandering the corridors of the hospital, and have tried to keep to the plan as such as possible. With any luck ill lose the 2lb i put on whilst on holiday last week.
Weigh in tomorrow evening, hoping i've lost the 2 pounds i put on whilst on holiday, if i dont get a call to work tomorrow, am thinking about a swim in the morning. aim to swim a mile!! havent done that in a long time. hope there arent to many kids in the pool.
Had WI this evening. Lost 4 1/2 pound. WooHoo, Makes up for the gain I had on holiday, plus a bit more.
Not really sure how i did it though, had a couple chinese meals, lots of cider. Hmm... but WooHoo

Managed my swim this morning, and swam the mile. Going again in the morning. Hopefully another good swim.
Havent been on for a while. I lost 1 1/2 last week. so now to a total of 14 1/2 pounds lost. woohoo. was glad to of reached my first stone. weigh in has changed this week from monday to wednesday. but am working. will have to wait till next week!! hopefully have a decent loss for the two weeks.
not been on here in a long while. started back at college, and trying to keep on top of all that work. but just about managing.
had weight in this evening, 3 1/2 off, woo. now to a total of 1 stone 10 1/2 just 3 1/2 till my 2 stone. hoping by the middle of december. will have a few wet walks to college to get that i think :(


Keep on Truckin'
Sounds like you are doing really well so keep on doing whatever it is you've been doing! Hope your mum is doing as well as you are too! :)
I've lost the plot now!! Over christmas and new year i was in and out of hospital. Unfortunately they still dont know whats wrong with me. But my tummy hurts. Alot.
I managed to get my 2 stone just before christmas, then was ill. The doctor now wants me to eat at least 4 slices of brown bread a day, 'you need more fibre in your diet' my god how much more can i put into it. Its the only thing that i have cut down lot of since joining SW. Since christmas i have managed to stay around that mark, but i need to loose, its not fair. I dont know what to do.
Mum has seemed to of lost interest, and is buying rubbish food, back to old habits.
I NEED HELP. I haven't lost any weight since christmas, have come to a halt. Not liking it. I've put on 3 1/2 pound in three weeks. This is a first for me putting on for more than one week at a time. I need to sort my self and get going.
College is getting tough at the moment, and just want yummy foods. Although, the mini eggs i bought yesterday, have not been opened.
The boyfriend doesnt seen to want to help either. "i dont want you getting your 2 and a half stone" CHEERS!! Unfortunately with the lack of support there, and mother going off the rails it doesnt help!!

Just a rant and a rave but hopefully i can kick my ass back in to gear.

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