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Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by Jot, 23 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

    Morning everyone,

    Wow i have had two nights really good sleep, I would usually wake up around 3pm, and yet the last couple of nights i have slept well and feel refreshed when i wake up. may its because the sugar in no longer running amok around my body.
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  3. PennyJane

    PennyJane Full Member

    Probably, well done! I tend to sleep better when have no carbs.

    What's the plan for today? I've got to go to work, juggling work and kids is somewhat fun at times.
  4. Boogaloo

    Boogaloo Full Member

    I also sleep tonnes better when I'm low carbing. Prior to starting AD I would need to have an hour nap when I got home from work and then would not be able to get to sleep later and would be up until 1 or 2am.

    However, now with meal preperation and better energy levels and sleeping really well through the night, I no longer need my naps.
  5. Jot

    Jot jo'stime

    Hi pennyjane, me to off to work then pick up the kids afterschool.
    Had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, and i am off to sainbury's to get some of their hot and spicy chicken wings at lunch time.

    Bought some fish for tea going to have it with some vege.

    its getting easier now feel like i am getting into a better routine, trying to make a habit that I can live with.
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    *SHE* says I die every night, but then I always have so I can't tell if it's an Atkins side effect. :D

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