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morning coffee?


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For me, no. But it does for other people that I know.
Hahahah I have to say that I have a very large strong coffee every morning to get me moving... but not in the sense that you are talking about.

I need the caffene just to get me through the day. :(
I find coffee gets me 'moving' but its a personal thing I imagine. And its also seemed to loose some of its effectiveness now I prefer coffee to tea.
If I have a real problem I pop a ducolax though.
To be fair, I'm not sure we should be looking to american's for dietry advice - their schools are told that each meals need 2 breads, and they're a country that considers orange stuff to come out of a squirty can to be cheese!!

I think sometimes a drink can help to 'move on' what's already been processed - if you get what I mean!

My dad always used to say that the more you poop the more you'll lose - No idea how much truth is in there, but foods with lots of fibre does help to keep things moving and regular, which is obviously good for the diet!
chewing food more might help (it did for me as never made time to eat before)

i have always suffered from this and have been to the doctors so many times. The advise is always eat more fruit and veg and drink more water.

it actually really really annoyed me. i was drinking so much water when i was breast feeding (probs 4 litres a day not to diet but because i was always thirsty). i now drink 2 litres a day + coffee etc). I still suffer... I find lactaloce helps which is over the counter. I was prescribed this when pregnant and its safe whilst breastfeeding (i also read somewhere on here that it doesnt have any syns as it doesnt get digested by the body).

A strong coffee can help and i have one every morning (maybe 2) and sometiumes it helps but not always.

i think the thing that helped the most and i am embarrassed saying i didnt know this but i dont think i was chewing my food properly when eating it. i was always a fast eater but when i went back to work i noticed it came back and it occurred to me i was eating at my desk and wasnt taking enough time to eat. might he helpful to someone.
No Coffee doesnt get me "moving" in the mornings ... I love my coffee in the mornings and cant function until Ive had one but would love it if it made me go the loo!!!
It depends.

If you are already bunged up, then coffee will make it worse because of the caffeine, your are far better having a mug of hot water.

However if you haven't got a problem, the cup of coffee every morning can help to make you go regularly. So long as you still drink plenty of water during the day.Too much caffeine etc and not enough fluid can cause UTI's.
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i find that ainsley harriots lentil dahl works for me but havnt yet tried it for breakfast lol


Just doing it this time
I get terribly constipated on SW despite fruit and veg - I have to do Red so I get the extra HEB and I also use syns on extra weetabix to help keep me regular - plus lactulose (5 syns) on a Friday night and sometimes saturday night too before bed - when I say regular it isn;'t really regular but I go a bit better by doing red and the extra extra HEB IYKWIM...................
I totally agree about not taking diet advice from American shows! Peppermint tea is great for the digestive system, I used to have at least one cup a day and was regular as clockwork!

As for the Dulcolax, that's really not a path I'd recommend having been down there myself.

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