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Morning every1, feel terrible. Complaining again!!

Morning, Just thought I'd check with everyone, if anyone has ever got the runs on this diet( sorry to ask)

Woke up feeling like crap, light headed and almost double vision.

Then spent ages on the loo. Managed to drag myself into work and tested my urine and I'm **** in Ketones. Presumably I'm not drinking enough even though I hit 3 litres of water yesterday. I'm also on anti-depressants and would love to hear from anyone who also takes medication. I am supose to take these after food, does anyone else suffer from any problems as you've not got a tummy full of food? was just wondering.

Now drinking water like a fish, but still feel weak and lethagic. Will aim for 4 litres today. Sorry to keep complaining.

Classy:cry: DAY 3
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I had diarrhoea for the first week, then it went.
If you have your shakes too close together, the high mineral content will upset your stomach.
You may have a bug which is just a coincidence.
Ask your chemist about the antidepressants, they may have the right advice about when/how to take them.
You REALLY need to up your water intake, especially with the diarrhoea. Aim to only have one or two ++s on the ketostix.
Hope you feel better soon hun. xx
Thanks cathy I'm spacing my shakes out at breakfast 8.00
Lunch 1.00
Tea 6.00
Do you think I should hold the evening 1 off until 7.00 ish

Thanks for adv

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Hi classy, if your on day 3 this this is probably a big reason why you feel crap, i think most people find days 3-7 the worst, i know i did. All i can say is to keep up with everything your doing, get some early nights, do as little as poss & have a long hot bath whenever poss. I can assure you that in a week or so you will never have felt so good. I now wake up every morning full of energy & can honestly say i have never felt so healthy in a long time, try to stick with it hun. It is very hard the 1st week but WILL get easier.
As for the antidepressants, i was on them before i started LT and only came off them 4 weeks ago, they never affected me & my doc & pharm both know what i'm doing & have never mentioned it to me. May be best to check yourself for your own peace of mind.
Oh & ditch the ketostix, if your not cheating your in ketosis.
good luck chick xx
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Hope you're feeling better now classy. The first week is soon over but it is the pits and many don't stay the course. Stick with it and take your tablets after your shakes - they're the closest to food you're having at the mo! And after a while your stomach will shrink and they will fill you up!

Good luck and feel free to pop on here anytime, to complain or ask questions or just for the company, that's what we're here for!



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Hi hun, sorry your feeling so rubbish. First we tend to forget that Lipotrim has a detox effect at first and people vary in how well they cope with detoxing, it can often make us feel rough at first. Loads of people post saying they feel rough for the first few days, but then feel great after.

I'm on anti depressants too and haven't felt sick taking them on so little 'food', but might depend on what yours are, like CF says better just take them after your shake.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend if you just keep going you will feel a lot better x
Thanks guys, Just wanted to post and say how well I've been feeling all afternoon.
Knackered but not terrible, I even mowed the lawns for a hour this afternoon and cleaned the house.

And I need my 1st gold star. We had visitors who brought with them Fish and chips and I helped serve them up and quite happily drank my shake and did'nt pine once for a chip. Normally there would be no stopping me.

thats great and betting tomorrow u will feel twice as good
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Well done I'm sure by tomorrow you will feel a whole lot better stick with it and drink the water, the results will boost you week to week and theres plenty of support on here.

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How are you feeling today Classy?


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