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Hi Ladies how you all feeling today? I finally slept well last night and not feeling so rough.....

Got three more weeks now before my holiday.... hoping to knock off another 10lbs if i can :) Then i will be off plan for a week, not sure what to do about when i am away yet........ Then i will be back on it when i get back for weight loss before xmas :)

I ordered the cottage pie and the almond and nut bars a couple of days ago and waiting for them to come :) felt like having a change :)

Its funny coz i went from 3pm till 9.30pm last night without anything to eat!! just didnt get a chance and so wasnt hungry!! its so good to be like that and not craving crisps and stodge like before!!!

I wanna get back in my lovely size 14 clothes i have ;) was pushing back up to a 18!!! not good!!

I have a lovely dress for when we go away.....would be lovely if i can fit in it :)

Have a great one all :)
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Gooooood Morning!
Glad you got a good nights sleep! Always makes things so much easier to handle i find.
Where are you off to on your holidays? Oooh i love holidays, cant wait to book mine next year. I really hope i best win this bet with my fiance so we can go somewhere lovely and ill be a size 12 by this time next year... wishfull thinking considering im a size 26 now, but hey. I am very much hoping for my order to be delivered today at work so i can get started tomorrow. Although it'll prob be v tough to start tomorrow as its dress down fri/ cake day and chippys for lunch day!!! geeeeez!
Hi Kelly yes i hope your stuff comes today!!

I am off to the far east for a week :) never been and looking forward to it sooooo much....

You can def do a size 12 by next year.... just stay with it and you will get there.... once u see the losses you will be so happy and that will keep you on plan :)

Just a word of warning dont overdo the carbs before starting this type of plan you will find it hard to get into ketosis..... lower carbs and calories today and increase water to make it easier.... the last supper mentality really makes it hard to do you vlcd first few days...

good luck have a lovely day :)
You can totally lose 10lb in 3 weeks Soon to be slim! Very jealous of your holiday! Sounds amazing.

Good advice about low carb day before, although must confess I had a last blow out with a burger and chips! lol

Keep us posted how you get on Kelly. It is randomly one of the easiest diets I have stuck to. Sounds bizarre to say as the calories are so low but taking away the choice of what you eat and cooking etc just makes you not think about food as much I think. You will be a size 12 in no time! I started as a size 26. I just want to be a size 18-16 so I can buy clothes from "normal" shops again.. !

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