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Morning allHope you are all up and about and ready for another good SW day.So far this morning I have read some more of my book, changed the bed, washed/dried my hair and washer is on - now just waiting for my Asda delivery.Going to do another EE day today, but won't be doing this all the time as miss my 2nd A.Back to work on Monday after 2 weeks off - at least I will get to go for a daily 20 minute brisk walk at lunch time with some colleagues.Have a great day everyone.IrenePS Can't seem to add any smilies today?
Morning!!! I have an asda delivery coming today - but not till between 2 and 4pm - trying to muster up some energy to go to a pilates class and to have some brekkie (not in that order) before then! And have some schoolwork to do for Monday too :) Just taking it easy before the madness of a new term hits!!!
Yeah Autumn term is the longest - this one isn't so bad, prob about 6 weeks till the next hols after we go back lol! Am a primary school teacher :)
Good morning Irene, its good to get back to normality isn't it, we came back into work on Saturday last week and had Thursday off so got back the routine now. Have a great day. xxx