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Morrisons Sausages - again!


Never gets tired of SW!
Ooh that's a bummer!! Still, it leaves my options open now as I used to specifically get the Eat Smart ones purely because they were free (and yummy!) but Tescos, Sainsburys and Asda all do 1/2 syn ones, plus WW ones are also 1/2 but I don't think they're as nice as some!X
oh bugger:eek: thought that the chipolatas were 1 1/2 each had them all week too and have been top end of syns:mad:
I think I'm going to go in and ask if they can check to see if they are still making them. I was having problems before Christmas sourcing them so wasn't sure if it is just my store.

On a side note, has anyone else noticed that their Eat Smart range has started having ww points on the side?


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Ooh I put the chipolatas through the syn calculator and they came out at half syn each. I put that they contain meat as it needed to know any free food content.

I had them with my brekkie.

could someone please clarify the Sainsbury's and Asda sausages that are low syn. I love a cooked breakfast and when you've got bacon and eggs, Quorn sausages just don't quite make the grade!
Morrisons Eat Smart Diet, Pork Sausages, Less Than 3% Fat, 8 pack, chilled 57g each[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
0 Syn on Extra Easy
Original Free
Green 3 Syns

I noticed they had changed the packaging, and dropeed the word "diet" from the pack :( This has only been in the last few days, so i doubt syns online will have been updated yet?
I am counting them as free :D

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