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Most Haunted


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i think ur gonna have to promise him a playstation 3 for xmas or similar to get it for all 5 nites! i lvoe MH too! went to a derek acorah show in belfast last year, v good!!


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I love Most Haunted too but I have not paid my bill yet till oh gets paid the end of this week:cry: I am going to miss it because the rotton buggers at V***** cut us off.:mad: My own fault really but I will just blame V***** because they are not here to fend for them selves.


has started again!!
Is there ne one who can record it for you? I would be spitting blood if that was me!!

On my other question, I did think of offering him my body, but somehow I dont think it would have that much of a pull!!! LOL!!
I only watch it in the hope that Yvette Fielding gets her comeuppance from the lack of respect she shows to the alleged spirits...... evil or not they way she calls out to them is a disgrace, on tonights show she was calling an alleged spirit a "*****"..... what i would like to see is Yvette being dangled 10 feet off the floor by an invisible force and then smashed of every wall in the room.......... maybe then she would show mores respect to things she knows nothing about......

As for Derek, he was kicked off Most Haunted for faking..... apparently before he went on air for a live special, people working on the show made up 3 names of spirits meant to be haunting a building and mentioned them all within earshot of Derek......

Acorah used these names during the show and the crew informed the shows makers....... the names he used were
Kreed Kafer (anagram of Derek Faker)
Rik Eedles (anagram of Derek Lies)
Ged Harken (anagram of Hang Derek)

Also Yvette was worried about his increasingly violent possessions which she thought were becoming more and more "playing to the crowd"


has started again!!
I confess I dozed off last night..... I missed most of the alleged activity!! I confess I still ove the sjhow tho, but am v glad Derek Acorah has gone...(WTF is his Egypt show all about BTW?? One would think that Ancient Egypt had been pretty well documented...DOH!!)

I didnt know about the fake names that were "fed" to him either, very interesting!! And boy...did he ham it all up when possessed!!

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