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Motivate Me!

Hey guys!

Right I have to say restarting is the hardest thing in the world, it's when I cheat I just go off it totally! I've not seen my councellor for 2 weeks, I'm going back tomorrow and retstarting 100& tomorrow morning.

How do you all stay motivated? Im so close to my goal now!!! HELP!!!

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Back On Track!
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Good Luck with the re-starting. Judging by your previous attainment, you can do it!
Sounds like you are the kind of chap that enjoys partying? Maybe pubbing, clubbing and socialising. Just think how wonderful it would be to look as handsome and gorgeous as possible whilst you enjoy a sparkling social life.
And if you are single, just think of all the new admirers that your newly slim and more confident appearance will attract.
So, come on Daniel ... I want to hear all about your success! I remember a few of your earlier posts and you definitely have a good sense of humour to add to all the rewards CD will offer you.


Enjoyin' my journey....
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You can do it! Head down and eyes on the prize .... a newer, younger, slimmer, fitter you. When tempted (& that's often with my hubby and the boys) I just pop out onto the patio for 5 minutes and come back when my resolve is restored! Last night we visited friends and had late dinner, my hubby had steak pie and chips (arhhhhh) it was sooo difficult not to nick a chip (but I'd have nicked handfuls not just one) so I had glass of water and wondered outside - would have preferred the chips but only for the moment i ate them - felt good this morning knowing I hadn't and seeing another 1lb off on the scales. Good luck. Tx


Happiness in a shake!
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At least you know what to expect this time Daniel, my first time on ss I was shell shocked and didn't last long, this time I was prepared! Put lots of things in place so you don't feel the need to cheat (I "treat" myself to a coke zero once a week, makes me feel like I am having a treat without doing too much damage!) I have made sure I had no planned nights out for the first month, as I am not sure I could be strong enough to go out and party, without the "part" iykwim?!!
Also evenings are my worst time, I can get through a whole day ss and then need hancuffed and gagged at night to stop nibbling, as this option is not practical, I bought my self a dvd box set and watch a couple of episodes of that on an evening, it gives me something to look forward to every day and stops the dreading nibbling, without the need for hancuffs and gagging (although I am sure my husband would perfer the hancuff and gagging option!! lol)
Come on Daniel, you have done so well, keepm going and you will be so proud of yourself, as one very wise woman once said to me "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" Good luck!!!!
P.S handcuffs and gag in the post if you really require them! x


Gold Member
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Daniel, keep a diary on the forum which will help. I found days 5 and 6 the hardest and now I am got day 8! The first time ever I have come this far on re-start and boy I've tried many! Each time I re-started I thought I was determined and I would stick at CD but clearly I just couldn't stick to it. Take each day at a time, then hour by hour. Each hour, each day you get through think of what you have achieved - you can stick to CD and you dont' want to waste the time and effort you have put in, or the money spent on CD. That is how I got through my first week. I know the road ahead won't necessarily get any easier but that is how I am planning on sticking to CD this time round. I hope that helps.

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