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  1. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    Hi all, i am re-starting ww for like the tenth time, i am overweight and v.bored of listening to myself moaning!! :cool:(yawn) I have 5 stone to lose and i am going to re-join tomorrow, but what i would like to know, is how to stay motivated, because its def my biggest problem, i tend to binge eat alot when im stressed(with my job all the time) and pretty much when im sad, lonely etc. :party0051:

    I know it all sounds like excuses but honestly dont know what to do :(

    I have bought the most stunning dress for my cousins wedding which is next june, its 2 sizes to small & at the mo its just making me depressed!! My mini goals are xmas and i am going to New York for Paddies week next year.

    any advice would be much appreciated:innocent0001:
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  3. Emma_2008

    Emma_2008 Gold Member

    Hiya, welcome to minimins and good luck on your weightloss journey!

    As for the motivation, imagine how good you are going to look in that dress!!! Also, after you WI and realise you have lost, its an awesome feeling and will spur you on!!! Try setting up a ticker, it might motivate you to get your target x
  4. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    Thanks for the advice... think i have set up a tracker not sure!!
  5. Emma_2008

    Emma_2008 Gold Member

    No probs:). Yep you have! Hows it going so far today chick? x
  6. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    Im doing ok, i had weetabix & a banana for brekkie, having a yoghurt now in a few mins, going for a chicken salad for lunch & then my sister is cooking a chicken stirfry for dinner, shes abit of a ww legend so is taking me under her v.skinny wing!! :D
  7. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate 2011 is MY year!!

    Hi, I also have about 5 stone to lose (maybe more depending on what sizes I end up fitting!), so if you need a diet buddy then i'm usually about on these boards!

    I always start of with great intentions, then get a bit way-laid and un-do all my good work - Not again though!
  8. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    I take it one day at a time and really try to stick to the correct number of points. I also make sure I write everything down as I eat it rather than wait until the end of the day. And then when I have had all my points i either stop eating or have something with zero points

    Or and post on here for the wonderful support

    Good luck
    Irene xx
  9. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Good advice all. Welcome to mini's by the way.

    Visualisation is always a good idea, I think. Imagining how you will look in the dress will make you want to fit in the dress.

    Irene is right though, you have to take it one day at a time. Why not put reminders in the places where you might be tempted to break your diet?

    Glad to hear you have a ww guru at your fingertips as well :)
  10. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Post a pic of the dress by the way so we can all ooh and ahh over it x
  11. Emma_2008

    Emma_2008 Gold Member

    There's a few WW legends on here too! (wink wink nudge nudge Sandy;)). Have a nice dinner! x
  12. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Did I hear someone call??? lol

    Welcome to the WW gang, if youre a snacker make sure you have plenty low point stuff to hand in case you need it. As Irene says write EVERYTHING down.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on
  13. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    thank you all for your great messages of support everyone, unfortunately ive been sick the past two days :sign0137:so havnt really been eating anything, but i still went to the weigh-in and rejoined.

    The class was v.interesting, the leader was lovely and did a cooking demo of a chicken stir-fry so i tried that tonight and it was gorg!! she gave the idea of adding cornflour to a stock cube which is 0 points to make abit of sauce for the stir fry, as they tend to be very dry, and also she made this dessert of sugar-free jelly and she added a strawberry yoghurt to it & blended it. It worked out as 1 point for the whole bowl which i thought was amazing!!! tasted yum :drool:

    I am going off for the weekend, and so i will log everything in my journal, and try and post a picture of the dress up next week for you to look at!!!

    hope your all well!!

    Tanya :wavey:
  14. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

    How are you getting on? I hope you are feeling better.
  15. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    well, i was away for the week visiting relatives and i admit i had mcdonalds a couple of times but it was still within my points and i exercised everyday too, and i lost 2lb!! :D im back today, have my food plan done for the weekend, which tends to be the hardest part for me.

    Work is getting me down at the mo, and im looking for a new job so hopefully i will hear something soon to perk me up abit.But looking great in a new job is motivation enough!!!

    Hows everyone else getting on?
  16. tara40

    tara40 Loves Norman Reedus

    hi Chiefbridesmaid

    i have roughly about the same amount to loose as you, between 4 and 5 stone. would you like to be my ww buddy. No pressure.
    i am joining next tuesday, so i wont know the exact amount that i want to loose. i know that i want to get down to 10stone. but i am unsure whether to put 10stone on my form or 11 stone, then i would stop paying earlier ;) but i think that if i put 10stone down and reach it then it would be a major achievement.
  17. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    Im always happy to have a buddy how you getting on?
  18. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    Hi Tara, would def like to be your ww buddy will have to forgive me though because im not on this everyday unfortunately!!

    I have def 4 and a half to lose, but i think im going to aim for 5 stone. Theres still time to lose 2 stone before xmas so i think we could def do it and get going. What day are you going to be weighing in? My varies with work so either a wed or thurs morning!!
  19. tara40

    tara40 Loves Norman Reedus

    that stir fry sounds great, could you let me have the receipe please. a friend told me about the jelly thing before and she added plain yoghurt (which is my fav), but when i tried it, it was vile, so i will have to try it with a flavoured yoghurt.

    i am looking forward to joining WW on tuesday. bit nervous about my weight though....
  20. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    I will get the recipie for you, i dont have it with me because im in work at the mo. Im dreading tonight im going out drinking for a friends birthday i have to try and stay good!!!:eek:
  21. chiefbridesmaid

    chiefbridesmaid Silver Member

    Ok..i had the worst weekend eva i just ate and ate...then i ate somemore...i went out and drank enough to float a boat :party0036:and then went to the chippers on the way home..feel terrible today :break_diet:
    But im back on track and ive just been to the gym and did 1 hour cardio and about 20mins of weights :character00115: im back in the zone... even if it is a fat zone!!! :cry:

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