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  1. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Can anyone help ive re gained about 18lb and need to get back on the diet, every time i restart i end up cheating. The motivation I had first time around isnt there anymore because i have lost that weight. Ive told myself so many times that i will be back there if i dont get a grip. What has motivated you too get back on track and how have you got on.:cry:
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  3. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Hi sallie Im still on 1st time round so havnt yet got to maintaining yet. Its hard enough 1st time round when you can feel the benifit.
    But you have done it once and you will again hun, people like you are true insperation to starters like me, so come on you can and will do it again. xxx
  4. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

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    Hi Sallies, it's so tricky isn't it to get your head back in the zone. I find that once I've gone off the rails the only way I can deal with it is to go hour by hour or meal by meal and once I've done 1-2 meals I'm feeling more positive and then a whole day, then 2 days then you're back in ketosis and before you know it you'll see losses on the scales and be back in the zone. If you put too much pressure on yourself then it's easier to fail, just have a target of getting to lunchtime, then evening... etc, etc..... hope you can re-find your motivation! good luck. x
  5. abz

    abz Gold Member

    i haven't lost all my weight yet but i have just restarted after going to a wedding and man it was hard. i just think that if i'm going to look how i want to look and continue to look that way then eating food that i shouldn't will only make me feel worse. next time you do it, think about how you feel afterwards. did it actually make you feel better? did you need it? and hold onto that feeling next time you want to cheat...

    abz xx
  6. Gilly28

    Gilly28 Full Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Sal...we keep missing each other on MSN!!!

    I've been having probs too although havent reached goal and done maintainence yet, I have got to a plataeu of feeling and looking good - althought the w8 I am now is usually my starting w8..!!

    Recently I have been off the rails and been at 13+-3 for weeks!!!!

    So Ive had to take charge again...I relooked at my body naked in the mirror and really took note of where I need to loose it (still)...BTW Im on SS day 3 today..

    I have had to do some visualisation to see where I want to be and its not that far away really and in three months I could do it...!!!..also I have refocused on an event I want to go to - to give me incentive..

    So for your 18 lb, how quick do you now you could do it in? would you do SS for two weeks? Have you got an incentive you can aim for..?

  7. mollydog

    mollydog Silver Member

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    slimming world
    Hi Sallies, I struggle very much these days. My motivation is my 40th in about 5 weeks. Dont think i'll get to target now but no reason why i cant get close if i can keep my head in the game.
    I find my avator a good inspiration. I made it on
  8. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    It's the problem I had after each pregnancy, the thought of oh no not again. Yet I did manage it. I suppose what I did was find a goal and aim for it. Another thing I did was decide I didn't want a higher BMI than my customers. Oh boy that one focussed me through the stones! :rolleyes:
  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    What I found helped me get back on the wagon was to take new photos, body measurements, set out my goals, both long term and short term and reminded myself of the pros and cons.

    I look at this as a new fresh start...

    When I found my hand wandering to my mouth a good few times in the first three weeks, I reminded myself just how hard it is once off the wagon to get back on it again...for me anyway.:rolleyes::sigh:

    "Try not. Do or do not, there is no try" - (Yoda Star Wars)
  10. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Thanks all, please keep the thoughts coming i just havent found that motivation and just dont know why, i keep hoping i will read something and think yep thats me. I keep trying and failing. I go all day great and then bang eat the wrong thing. I think a lot is as you say Debz its the thought of it..... why..... mad as it can be done, cant understand why the need to sit down and eat is so important too me. There again i had stopped training of late and i think that is the gain part. I start on a full training regime next week so maybe that will be my motivation. This means because of the pre diabetes it wont be SS.
    Gilly yea keep missing you I will try and catch up this evening if your on msn.
  11. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member

    Hi Sallies

    I've lost count of what re-start this is to be honest, but I do know now after 5 weeks that I've cracked it and I will reach goal this time.

    I got in the zone so to speak because I had promised myself I would not be fat when I reached 40 and I am, although I'm making damn sure I won't end my 40th year fat!

    I also found something fantastic to focus on and look forward to, we are going on holiday on Christmas Day, and there is no way that I'm not going to be in a bikini on the beach!

    Nothing and I mean nothing tastes as good as feeling thin(ner at the moment) feels for me. I have told myself that I no longer want choc, crisps, pork pie, and I constantly plan and think about how I'm going to change my lifestyle when I am able to move up the plans, for instance I was thinking about breakfast options the other day and now my thought process goes along the lines of cutting out orange juice in the morning as the calories are quite high and I could be using them for other things etc.

    I hope you get back to it, I have had the hardest time getting back to this and I hope you do to.

  12. sallies

    sallies Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Thanks Sara, half my trouble is i have a great life and am very happy ha ha. I can honestly say I have everything I want and need. Ahhh so content makes it even stranger the only thing i want is slim and cant seem to do it.
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