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Motivation... How?!

Ok, Im doing ok right? Im sticking to the food optimising. I did it for a year, lost 4 stone, then stopped going to class, and that was just before Christmas.
I put on about a stone, between then and about 3 weeks ago when I joined class again...

For the maybe 6 weeks leading up to this, so for about the past 9, 10 weeks I have been weighing myself and food optimising... and I've stayed the same. Since starting class again, I have lost 3 lbs, which is a start :)

I want to get back into it properly, and kick start properly. BUT I cannot stop shovelling in the chocolate digestives. I dont even ENJOY eating them, gone in seconds.. does anyone else find this? I'm having maybe 4, 5 a day at work, I am struggling to stop myself.

Can anyone gimme some kinda idea or advice? I can't get treat sized chocolate to keep at home because I will just eat the lot I know it. I reckon if I can stop myself with these darn biccies, I'll be right on track....

I love chocolate. My bloke has been rationing me curly wurlys, they do the job, perfect fix, Im happy to take the 6 syn hit. But at work, the biscuits are provided, in the tea room, and its just THERE!!!! GAH!!
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I know how you feel. Biscuits are everywhere in my workplace, and sweets! Also I work with 3 burly blokes whose idea of lunch is 4 pasties, 4 sausage rolls, sandwich, crisps and a cake!! And thats each! lol

The only advice i can give you is that it does get easier! I now no longer each biscuits in work (unless its my star week), it took awhile to cut them out. Go for gradual rather than instant stoppage. Tell work colleagues not to let you have any.

How about having a biscuit swear tin?! So for every biscuits you eat, you put 20p/50p/£1 in?

Stop buying biscuits, choc etc. If your OH wants some tell him to buy his own and hide it away from you!


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Eek, i can understand the eating yet not really enjoying.. :( it can be so difficult to stop. Iv had weeks when iv just eaten crap that deep down, did nothing other than made me feel sluggish and guilty because id not even enjoyed what id eaten, i just couldnt stop.

You need to find somthing else to take to work with you, I'd say try choclate and orange, or chocolate and fudge (which i recently discovered in tesco, and omg i love em!) alpen lights, 2 for HEB or 3 syns per bar. They'r a right choco fix for me and will be 1.5 syns less per bar compared to that biccy youv been eating??

i can appriciate how difficult it is, BUT you have the motivation, you can do it. you'v just gotta figure out whats gunna work for u best

Thank you, you two. :) Its nice to know Im not the only one eating stuff out of habit!

I like the idea of a buscuit swear box. See I have a money box at home, I put in £1 for each pound lost, and £3 for each pound gained... it worked before, I think I will start doing that again!! Its sealed, the moneybox, I have no intention of opening it til its full, or rushing to fill it!

But yes, each choccie biccie will be £1 going in a tin at work. Good plan :D

The alpen lights too... Yes I will try them. Definitely :)

Thank you both, you are stars :) :)
S: 20st5lb C: 18st11.5lb G: 15st0lb Loss: 1st7.5lb(7.54%)
No probs hun.

I can't beleive I didn't mention Alpen Lights in my post! They are great. Bit pricey but worth it. I always have one in my handbag, and a box in my desk.

Summer fruits are my fav flavour. I don't find the choc ones very chocolaty. but the summerfruits are very sweet so hit the sweet spot.

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Summer fruits are my fav flavour. I don't find the choc ones very chocolaty. but the summerfruits are very sweet so hit the sweet spot.


Do u know what, funny you should say that... i used to complain that they were lik fake chocolate that didnt have enuf, so just left u wanting actual chocolate, but now i cant get enuf, its so strange, and agreeing with you on the pricey-ness.. fingers x'd one day the world will wake up and healthy sw-friendly food will be as cheap as the poundsaver menu and mac d's!

..Good luck hun, and i think the money box is a super good idea. Wish i'd done that, i'd be so much better off now if i'd done that a year and half ago, damn it! LOL

Mrs V

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Have you tried having other things around you to pick up and eat instead? How about grapes? Unfortunately this is a habit that you have to break yourself, but by distraction and getting rid of the biscuits! Lol you can do it.
Just think about the size you were originally...were you happy? What motivated you to start SW in the first place? Do you really want to get back to the beginning again and feel like this? If you keep eating the biscuits...you will!
Sometimes you need some tough talking! Lol...only you can stop putting the rubbish into your mouth hun.

Cheers Mrs V, you are right, I need that talking to hahaha :)
I have grapes, I have strawberries, and I take carrot sticks too... I embrace the eating fruit n veg thing :)

And no, as a size 28 I wasn't happy at all, you are quite right... Forwards not back!!! :)


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You can do it Auburn, its all about breaking the habit and we all know that takes time! Everythime you reach for a biscuit, visualise yourself at your target weight, and soon enough you will start to put the biscuits back! xxx


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Why dont you try to gradually ween yourself of them!

Say to your self i will only have 1 today and really make sure you are ready to eat it! Knowing you will only be having one!

Why not try eating some free food like grapes or strawberries first before you have a biscuit! Have a glass of water or say to yourself i will have a biscuit once i have been for a walk! Walk round the office or go and find a colleague to talk to! Hopefully by the time you have done one of these you wont need those biscuits!

I used these tactics to give up smoking and i know its a bit diffrent but it was a habit! Good luck you can do it!! x


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We're surrounded by chocolates on the wards! I used to just pop the "odd" one in on my way past the desk! Now I seem to have just stopped all together, even with the biscuits at break. I make sure I have a banana ready mid morning,and another piece of fruit in the afternoon, losing weights just too important to me this time! I'm getting older and I want to be healthy.
Right, I weigh in on a wednesday... Today was up3, which is not good. Granted I had a bad food weekend, and too much booze, but Im focussed. I just had a quorn bolognese for me tea, and I am food optimising 100% as of this second..

I shall keep you all posted, thank you for listening x

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