Motivation Needed Please!!!!

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  1. Nicola2006

    Nicola2006 Full Member

    I had a night off last Sat and since then i just cannot not get my head round it - Although i am not being to bad i am EATING a piece of meat here an there -

    And the Scales are just not moving i'm stuck at 11.9 an want to be 8.12 by July -

    But i'm also going away the 14th March and would like to be 10st - CAN I DO IT!!!!!!!

    I just cannot not see myself slim at all because all of my adult life i've been over weight - i just want this so so so much so why do i keep putting things in my month

    I'm going to start swimming next week do you think this will help the scales move !!!!!!

    Thanks in Advance

    Nicola :sigh:
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  3. WannaBeSlim

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    Hi Nicola

    You need to put Sat night behind you (today is Friday!! and move on. How badly do you want to lose the weight? I don't know how much you've already lost but regain your original focus and you will be 10 stone something by 14th March. You CAN do this!! Focus, focus, focus

    When is your official weigh in? I am a demon to the daily weighing too but if I don't lose .. I am almost psychotic!!! If I do i am in fab form for the week!!

    The whole thing about this diet is that if you do it, it works!! Simple enough concept .. so climb aboard the wagon again and get going!! Not tomorrow, not in 15 mins but NOW!! Drink some water

    Ok lecture over - hope that has helped you a little!!!
  4. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Great advice from wannabeslim there, yep its hard, but you know what, you can do it, but you have to do it for you x
  5. magickmel

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    I think you have hit the can't imagine yourself slim so you are sabotaging yourself.

    Try a visualisation. If you find that hard, go see an outfit that you really like and study it in the size you want to be, then keep imagining yourself in it.

    Why can't you see yourself being slim ? Try to get to the block. Is it just that you have failed before so think you will again ? try to get to the reason and when you find it and look at it, it probably isn't even true !

    Good luck !
  6. Cake'n'eat it

    Cake'n'eat it Full Member

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    I am soooo with you here. I am at 11st 5 and want to get to 10st 7 but I fell of the wagon last Sunday and have found it incredibly hard to get back on. I will try to get back with the programme like you. I have been back on track for the last couple of days and I have dropped a pound which has encouraged me a bit - I just need to take a deep breath and stick with it over this weekend. 48hours - we can do it - its easier once I am back into the week. Just think we could lose a good few pounds in the next 7 days.

  7. mistrymiss

    mistrymiss Member

    Hi guys
    you were saying that you cant "see yourself slim" - well you can!!
    have you ever heard of See Yourself Slimmer? you email/send them a photo of yourself (cost about £20 but well worth it) and in a few days they email you back a modified photo of yourself looking STONES lighter. very inspirational!! i got my before and after photo's side by side on my cupboard and IT WORKS!
    hope this helps
  8. magickmel

    magickmel Loves VLCD's !

    Lighter Life and now CD
    What a great idea Paula, is there a web site ?
  9. mistrymiss

    mistrymiss Member

    yes, just go to See Yourself Slimmer photo slimming aid
    it shows you how its done and there are a few before/after photos - its amazing!
    you got a money back guarantee too so you got nothing to loose!
    good luck!!
    Paula :)
  10. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    I had been picking the odd bit of ham here and there since I went to visit my brother....I will tell myself off and be good.....until kids or hubby get me down, then I would pick again.
    Well tuesday I said to myself if I keep this up I will never get to where I want to now I think to myself, right Im gonna stick to this diet and prove to them that they will not get to me and I will do this for me.......

    Well Im on a roll since tuesday....I even put it to the test I asked my son for 1 of his chips he said no......I told him I wouldnt have eaten it anyway, that I was putting him to the test.
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