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Motivation needed!!


I will do this!!!
Im the same. Iv stayed at the same weight for about 2 months now. I lose 2lbs then put 1 back on then lose 1/2 then put 2lb back on....and on and on! i keep slipping and saying i'll start again tomorrow then i slip up again, i feel like im losing it. :( hey remember your not alone!!
I'm exactly the same. I lost 3 stone last year doing slimming world then lost my job at the beginning of the year and spent my days with my daughter so I put it all back on. I am back at work now and am back on the SW wagon.

Don't forget that you aren't alone and there will be many people here who have done or felt exactly the same as you.

I like to read the posts by people who have done really well and that keeps me thinking that it could be me one day!
Aww ladies, I feel for you all. I know it sounds simple but sit yourself down, write down the pros and cons of losing weight which should remind you what you're trying to achieve. Be completely honest to yourself and any obstacles you can see coming up (birthdays/holidays etc) that way you have things to work around/focus on. Keep the list handy for those moments you feel weak and it should serve as a little reminder when you need it.

I sometimes wish life would stand still a while so we can get on with losing weight but we need to learn how to cope because even at target it will take work.

You can all do it, I promise you can! :)
There's lots of before and after pics and inspirational stories on this forum - I like to look at these and it motivates me as I'd love to look like those people, and if they can do it there's no excuses for me not doing it :)


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Honey, we can all help you and support you but you have to find that motivation from within yourself.

Everything in life is balanced between pain and pleasure. We instinctivly migrate towards what is pleasure and move away from what is pain. So, for example for myself I had to get myself to a place where it was too much pain to continue being fat and unhealthy. Sometimes its an event that happens, like for instance I nearly lost my leg and spend a good spell in hospital. That was the kick up the ass I needed to get me on the right road. Now god forbid that should happen to anyone but then for me there was too much pain associated with the weight and the pleasure I had in being fat (not really pleasure but I wasnt addressing it so it was the easier path - less painful) switched does that make sense.

Make a list of all the advantages of losing the weight then make a list of all the negatives of being fat. Think about what you will be like in two years time or one year if you have lost it all and are living a wonderful confident life. Then think about what you would be like if you didnt do it and perhaps you put on even more weight and become even more unhealthy.

It works for me perhaps it can you for you too.

Hope this helps :)

I actually think im back on track now...
ive been really good since my weigh in on monday and ive last 3 pound since....
ive just been watching what i eat and thinking about it alot more..

Thank you :) xx

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