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Motivation - Remember 3 reasons why you are doing this....

1) To be able to wear what i choice for my daughters christenin, not what i think hides me.
2) To feel hapy n secure with myself n body.
3) To enjoy life without having to look back n regret it because i was never happy with myself.

Great thread minnie! xx
1) To feel happy with myself again

2) To be able to buy clothes from anywhere again

3) To drink my glass of wine without spilling it all over me cos I've knocked the bottom of the glass on mi boobs.
1) to be beach beautiful when i go on holiday in July...dont want my belly hiding my bikini bottoms
2) to not ahve to worry about what to wear each day.....mega trauma everyday
3) not to worry about people seeing my HUGH arms and not be self conscious in strapless tops

I could go on, but thats the highlights or low lights LOL :) :)
1) To look good on my holiday

2)To be happy with myself and not get upset when I go clothes shopping!

3) To be able to actually buy the size I pick up rather than just picking them up to look at because they are nicer in that size to mine!


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1) To actually like what I see in the mirror again..

2) To be able to shop for fashionable clothes in a high street retail shop and not have to worry whether they do my size or not!!

3) To feel happy, confident and be who I used to be 10 years ago...
1) To be happy with my size and healthy so i can play with my baby

2) So I dont pick something up and say that will look nice when im skinny!

3) To wear my beautiful wedding dress and not think what a waste on a fat bride!

wk 1 - 12lb


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None of mine are to do with being healthy etc....... They're all to do with shopping!!! How fickle am I!!!!:rolleyes:

Ok here goes

1. To be able to buy off the shelf knee length boots and zip them all the way up effortlessly

2. To shop in those shops that only sell clothes up to size 14

3a. To be able to ask the shop assistant "have you got this in a smaller size?" :D

3b. To be able to buy/hire nice fancy dress clothes rather than PLUS size ones that resemble tents.

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
1) To stop being fat

2) To be healthier and fitter

3) To be able to shop in Primark and the like


Positivity is the key
1) To be the fit, healthy mum that my boys deserve
2) To not be faced with hereditary weight related issues, already in my family ie. diabetes, cholestrol, heart attack
3)To be able to shop in any shop without having to pay over price for clothes because of my size

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