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Motivation Tips Anyone?

S: 10st2lb C: 9st12lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st4lb(2.82%)
I have been on my diet for 2 weeks now (after on and offing for the past few months and not getting anywhere due to the stress of final year at uni!) and I am determined to stick to it this time.

I only have around 1.5 - 2 stone to lose, which isnt alot, but as I am only 5'2 it really shows and I cant fit comfortably into most of my clothes at the moment!

I am calorie counting and eating 1000-1200 a day, and plan to start doing workout DVDs a couple times a week.

It hasnt been too bad to stick to the diet so far, but can be quite difficult when around friends and they are tucking in to cake and fast food, or having dinner with family/friends.

I was just wondering what your tips are to stay motivated? Or anything to stop you succumbing and snacking on something you shouldnt!

I am planning to try the glass of water before my meals to see if that helps me feel fuller longer. Does anyone have any other tips/ideas?

This forum has been really useful :)
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Hi I'm pretty much same as you, 5'3 and need to lose at least 1.5st. 2 would be great but don't want to be too ambitious!!

I find snacking on little boxes of raisins helps or having a glass of squash. My biggest problem was boredom eating at work but having found this site its amazing how much time I can lose looking through all the forums and I don't even think about food much now lol.

Snacking in the evening is also a big problem, my other half is always scoffing crisps, biscuits and chocs but he never seems to put any weight on, its so unfair!! And YES i know i don't have to eat them as well but my willpower isn't that great and he doesn't help by saying "one won't hurt" thing is it never is just one :)
S: 10st2lb C: 9st12lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st4lb(2.82%)
yeah i feel the same, my boyfriend always has meals twice the size and snacks yet barely gains a pound!

ive bought some of those frube yoghurts and stuck them in the freezer as a 49 cal pudding which at least gives me something sweet to nibble on.

im gonna try and do roasted vegetables for dinner one night and see how that goes too!

just having a browse around all the forums on here for meal ideas as i tend to stick to the same few meals all the time which gets repetitive and boring fast!!


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Make a list of what works for you - this will give you something to build on. For example if you like walking, extend the time you do that

Daydream about your life when you've lost the weight - you need to give your emotions a focus.

It's all about emotions


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We go to a pub quiz every Tuesday and they have a special offer on food of 2 portions Fish and Chips for £10. I eat the fish - minus batter and have peas with it, but either dont have the chips or give them to someone else. I tell everyone ' i dont like chips' Ive said it so many times that I believe it myself now. Its a kind of self hypnosis in a way and its something i do all the time with all sorts of foods i shouldnt eat. If im offered biscuits or cake for instance, i say 'no thanks they give me indigestion' and I end up believing it myself lol. It also stops people from pressuring me to have something I shouldnt eat.
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Crazyblondechick I'm like you, 5ft and 2 stone left to lose. I find whenever I'm craving something naughty to say I can have it in half an hour, if I still want it in half an hour then I'll allow myself to have whatever it is but only 100cals worth. It gets hard when friends are round but I try to weigh things out and eat it slowly, its amazing how long 6 1/2 minstrels can last for if you suck them!

I also try to eat every 2 1/2 hours so if I'm getting peckish then I know it wont be that long until I can have something.

Good luck!
S: 10st2lb C: 9st12lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 0st4lb(2.82%)
hey yeah i have been doing a similar thing with malteasers, although they kind of dissolve and dont last so long.

I usually love aero bars and they have just bought out a dark one so i have been having a square or 2 of that when i have a chocolate craving. or a small teaspoon of low fat peanut butter.

And i have some merangues and freezer pops now as well so i can have a bit of variety for reasonably low cals. Its getting easier now its becoming routine but I do find myself daydreaming about a big fat cheeseburger from time to time! (strange as i usually never ate them before!!)
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I have a big sign on my fridge that says "DO NOT EAT BAD FOOD - HAVE A GREEN TEA INSTEAD!! THINK YOU THE HONEYMOON!!!"
It's actually working out pretty well :)


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 10st6lb Loss: 1st1lb(8.57%)
I think it's best not to focus on the foods that you crave, as for me it makes me want them more. I just label them 'addictive foods' when talking about them...hey actually that isnt very helpful as i hand more power over to them
Just as willpower is an essential factor in achieving success, at some point in time, discouragement and lack of motivation may hinder you from reaching your objective. And it is up to you, and you alone to devise techniques that will help you keep that drive within afire.

It is helpful to have visual goals. Whatever that is you are working towards, make it visual. It maybe something material like a car, or a vacation you have been looking forward to for the longest time.

Take or cut out a picture of it and post it at a conspicuous place at work or at home where you can see it often. So that when you feel discouraged, this will remind you of your goal and will help you keep your spotlight.

Make a contract with yourself. According to motivational researches, people who write down to-do-lists are far more triumphant in achieving their intended goals than those people who just keep mental lists instead.

Putting something in writing somehow makes it more powerful psychologically speaking. This may also be the basis why most cultures have such a high regard in honouring contracts. In the contract, you may also include a certain reward that you will give yourself once you have accomplished the task.

After all, everyone likes to be rewarded for completing a good job. Even a simple pat on the back, “good job”, or “thank you” may do the trick to give the person the additional push to carry on, but unfortunately, these may not always be readily available. Considering that these are also essential in keeping oneself motivated, you must learn to find a way to get that encouragement on your own through pleasing yourself.

Abusive people lower your self-esteem and bring you down. Get these negative people out of your life. Surround yourself with positive people. Imitate their example. Smile amply and think happy thoughts.

These will give you a brighter outlook and lets you see a clearer picture of what you really want and a fresh mind to know what steps to take to get there. Rather than wait for things to happen, try to be proactive and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Inactivity wastes the brain and stagnates your potential to reach your goals.

Read inspirational books and literature. These will help you improve your attitude and heal your mind. A book of success stories also proves to be encouraging. You will not only learn from others' experiences and derive confidence boosting insights from them but the story will be instrumental in motivating you to go for your goal and move ahead with your plans. If this still seems to falter, get training or education.

Oftentimes, not knowing how or where to start is frustrating. Knowledge is power. Having a clear understanding of how and where to start is empowering and it will provide the extra drive needed to hit the mark you are aiming at and follow it through.

Having enumerated all these tips and tricks to attain self-motivation, but still you seem to feel lacking that much needed drive, there is one last thing that you must try.

Whatever it is that you have been meaning to do, or wanting to achieve, JUST DO IT! Keep on aiming high and go for it! Actually getting your hands dirty best solves the problem of motivation. By “forcing” yourself to just do it, your momentum will pick up gradually as you go along and before you know it you have finished the task, or have finally achieved your goal. Divide and conquer is the key.

Break down the apparently unattainable activity to small doable steps. Not only does it become less overwhelming, but seeing the "in the meantime" results will further your confidence that it can indeed be done.

Lack of motivation happens to us all, but if you do not encourage yourself to accept opportunities and be challenged, no one else will. It is most important to keep your eye on the goal, find ways to keep going, and in no time, you shall reap its benefits.

And if at the beginning you were just doing it for the material reward, you will also learn to realize that the fulfilment, satisfaction and self-achievement you derive from reaching your goal, is a much enjoyable high that will keep the drive within constantly burning.

small steps

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For me, the motivation of a new diet usually last two weeks, after I start to get impatient to be back to my goal weight.

You do not have much weight to lose, but that can be more difficult, as the weight will come off in small numbers 2lb or 1lb a week. Just think about how different you will look by the end of September, and every loss is a step towards your goal.

I would suggest that you have lots of variety in your diet. Eat meals you truly enjoy, then the diet will not feel like a punishment. Include a treat a couple of times a week a curly wurly bar or fudge bar.

stick with it and keep posting updates.
S: 17st9lb C: 11st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 5st10lb(32.39%)
This may sound odd but I actually stuck a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt on my fridge! lol As I actually love her figure, she's curvy but with no excess jiggly bits, I stuck it there as I thought if I get up to go snack etc I'd see the picture and stop myself, as I'd remember I want to look like that!! lol


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I do find myself daydreaming about a big fat cheeseburger from time to time! (strange as i usually never ate them before!!)
I agree with what others have said about not focusing on what you can't have, but I also think listening to your body is important. If I have a craving for something bad, I try to cook a better version of it - then I don't feel deprived...

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