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Motivation to keep going

Hey everybody,

I've 4 and a half stone off in 10 weeks but now I'm starting to feel really hungry and want food. However, I don't want to come off lipotrim to I'm at my goal. Does anybody have any suggestions to keep the motivation going? I've went from a size 26 on top to an 18 and a size 24 on bottom to an 18 so as you can imagine I want to spur on.
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Hi Lucretia

Firstly, you have done so well in 10 weeks!! Amazing.

I would suggest you look at the before and after pics and the inspirational slide show to keep you going. Why dont you write down exactly what you want to achieve. Maybe you need mini goals now??? You have come a long way so it would be pointless giving in now I suppose.

How much more have you got to go to get to your goal? Try and look at things in smaller chunks, as it can be very daunting looking too far ahead..

There are others on here that are on the program till December or thereabouts. Doirin is one, maybe Sarahlou? Not sure...but maybe they will have some suggestions at how they keep going.

At the end of the day, it is down to you....but you must feel amazing and just think in another month, it could be another stone, stone and a half nearer to your goal.

Do you have all the shakes/soup/flapjacks? If not, maybe try different ones to what you are having and if you dont add say peppermint tea to choc, then maybe do that for a change. We all get a bit fed up sometimes, it is knowing how to change it positively and not go backwards.

Sorry, waffling away here..hope it helps you a little..

Read some others tickers to see how far they have come, how far they need to go and just keep asking and tallking and coming on here for help and inspiration.

Hope this has helped a little!

Take care


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I'm here!!

Hiya Lucretia,

yes i'm going to be on LT til at least december, it's such a long time it does seem very daunting. i suppose without knowing your journey so far it's tough for me to say but i'm happy to share my experience!

I found that the first 3 weeks took FOREVER. the weight loss was great but i was just thinking come on get a move on! then the time sped up and i'm just starting my 10th week too. so far i've lost just over 3.5 stone and couldn't be happier with it!

i agree with Iris above, and one of the things i'm known for it setting myself mini goals with treats! with so much to lose (11stone ish) i made targets of every 20lbs, get a treat. i even chose all my treats in advance. this makes my weight journey into 8 chunks, which is a lot more motivating than 154 chunks! (ie lbs i have to lose!)

there is a thread on here where many people including myself have confessed to making spreadsheets to really see how much is coming off and where you are on your journey, i'm about a stone ahead of the plan at the moment so you can imagine how motivating that is! and you are a stone ahead of me so really you are 2 stone ahead of schedule! GREAT!!

take measurements of yourself and every week or so get your tape measure out again! i find it's more motivating to keep the tape measure at your biggest, eg if your waist started at 55inches, keep holding it at 55inches and look how big the gap between the tape measure, (which used to fit!) and your body is! very inspiring.

look at your "fat photos", and then look in the mirror, always feels good.

my friend at work does some maths for me every week, working out how many kilo's it translates into, how many packs of butter that works out as, Summergirl can often tell you the equivelant of your weight loss in sausages etc - all very motivating.

my favourite one to do tho is feel for bones you couldnt feel before, and trying on clothes! i often step into my biggest jeans (size26) and just watch them fall off as I walk - great fun!!

I hope any of that can help you, you are doing AMAZINGLY and will find your inspiration again.



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You've done so well (as have you SarahLou), you are inspiring to others, it would be a shame for you to stop now.
Maybe mini-goals as others have suggested, are you perhaphs wanting to wear a slinky black dress for an Xmas Party, or have a bikini to get into for a holiday or something like that.

Keep going, you are doing so fantastic x
Thank you so much; all your suggestions are really excellent. Definately gonna break my loss into smaller chunks and get those fat piccas out.

I'm currently at 14st 13lbs so I'd really like to get down to 10st so I suppose I have around 5st to go. However, when I see the difference in myself in 10 weeks I'm astounded as is everybody else. I planned to be off lipotrim by my 28th birthday which is on October 14th.

Thank you so much again everybody. I no longer wanna sit here and feel sorry for myself for being hungy. Hugs to everybody :)
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Hi Lucretia, you carry on darling, NOTHING, I repeat...NOTHING tastes as good as being slim feels. I get compliments every day as I now have beautiful clothes I feel great in. My confidence has soared and really want everyone on Lipotrim to feel this way. You have proven what an amazingly determined and focussed person you are, believe you can do this, Scotsmist has given you some brilliant advice and you really won't get faster results any other way. Best of luck, sweetie.


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Hi Lucretia,
Firstly congratulations on your fantastic weight loss to date. Glad to hear you are more positive now. You have had some great advice from the ladies above, as usual. I am also a week 10er, glad to know there are more of us around. It can be daunting when we have a lot to lose but I agree with Sarahlou about setting smaller, more manageable targets. My next target is 16 stone, my last was 18. I also measure myself and love the inch loss.
I get my son to take a photo of me around the start of each month as I then have a visual tool to see the difference. I look at events coming up, like the wedding I will go to next weekend, I bought a lovely dress in town yesterday, it was size 20 and I know 10 weeks ago I would have been in bits trying to find something that fit, not to mind looked good. I know when I go to the wedding now I will look good and that means more to me than food.
I treat myself on the stone losses, buying something I have yet to wear. I also take more pride in my appearance and use make-up more often. I like to try on the clothes in my wardrobe and am thrilled to move them to the fitting right side of the rails. I have kept the trousers I used to wear, elasticated and baggy as a tool to show me how far I have come. I love wearing jeans as I haven't worn them for years as I found them too restrictive. I love wearing trousers without an elasticated back on them.
I get more fun from trying on clothes than I ever did from eating and find it keeps me focussed. I plan to shop well once I am finished on here and go into shops I have never stepped in before. If I stop now I will never get to do that.
My main treat when I am almost done is to take swimming lessons and not feel ashamed in the pool.
Sorry there is a lot of I,I,I in this post but just wanted to show what keeps me going. Hope you will find this week easier. Wonder if you put a ticker up it will show your loss every week and is a great visual tool to seeing the weight go down. If you don't know how to just click on anybodies ticker and it will bring you to the site to do so, they are very easy to set up.
You have a story to tell and it will offer any newbie on here great encouragement to see your journey and get your advice. Come on here as often as you can. Wishing you all the best.
Thank you Doirin for your encouragment. This week is still pretty tough but I'm sticking with it and keeping it in mind that another 4.5 stone I will be at goal. I tried every diet going and lipotrim is far the best. Staying strong :)


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I agree with Doirin, Lucretia, i think you should put up a ticker - it really, really motivates you to see it moving every week and creeping down and before you know it, it's nearly in the middle! great feeling.

just click on someone else's ticker and it's give you step by step instructions how to set yours up.

love lots!



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I cant add much more than whats already been said, but you can do it!! Remember the frame of mind you had when you first began LT and try and get it back xxxx

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