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motivation to lose further 1stone by october!!!


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my sister has set the date for my beautiful nieces christening its the 3rd October and im her godmother:D however the thought of me standing up as godmother at my current weight is filling me with dread so i would love to have lost a further 1 stone to take me half way to target and would make me feel a hell of a lot better about myself.

however day after day i feel like im losing my motivation more and more:( i was never a big fruit eater but for the first few weeks i made a big effort to eat loads of it but you only have to take a look at my weight loss diary to see that i hardly eat it anymore and i know thats the reason that my weight loss has slowed right down:( but i cant seem to change it and am eating more and more non plan things each day, like today i made my dinner (sw friendly) but at the drop of a hat i took the kids to mcdonalds for treat and ended up having a cheeseburger and med fries too:mad: which totally threw me off plan at the start of whiat was supposed to be my 100% week:break_diet:

please help me find my motivation any hints and tips to help me get my fruit count back up please?
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am in the same boat as you, I am going on holiday on 6th october and would love to lose another stone before then, I have really tired over the last couple of weeks increasing my exercise and eating really healthy and make good food choices, but my weight has come off 0.5lb and then its back on the next week

I had lost total motivation but then I got up this week and just thought no am not goin back to my old habits so am not goin to do it,... I have been writing down everything i have been eating aswell everything that has went into my mouth has been written down

I hope ur motivation comes from somewhere but if u find anything else out let me know :)


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thanks Sue thats the same with me too ive increased my exercise from practically nothing to walking/running for 30 mins 3 times a week and i only lost 1lb :(, i already write everything down even when its something i shouldnt have had but normally i just decide as and when what im going to eat...like ill decide at lunch time what to eat and if im extra hungry it might not be a very good choice, so i think im going to write out a weekly food plan and stick to it thats gonna be hard though as im hopeless at planning lol but anything is worth a try.

lets hope we both lose our 1 stone and maybe a bit more by october x
Some people do find that exercise slows their losses. You are probably eating enough to exist on a day to day basis but your body needs more protein etc to cope with the extra exercise. If you are going to do something like running, eating a banana a little while before you set off can be really useful.

Also remember to drink lots. The more fluids (pref water) you push through your system, the better your losses will be. 8 glasses a day is recommended. Keep at it and you will get that stone in good time!!


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thanks madamlaminx, i think i need to target myself to drink more water as ive hardly been drinking anything recently :eek: thanks for the tips about the exercise too, ill definitely try eating a banana before my next run x