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Motivation to start


Hi all, I read the posts and feel a real mix of emotions. I dont know whats wrong with me but I just dont feel motivated to start. I keep saying tomorrow and you know what.... tomorrow never comes! I lost a good 2 stone on CD 2 years ago and now all of that is back on and some. I need to lose 3.5 stone in total. Any advise on how to be motivated to start and to do it. I read Gemma Hopleys story and thought wow, she did it why cant that be me and started to cry....

What have you used as a motivator to get you started?

thanks in hope,
babymum :cry:
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Hiya Babymum :)

Don't beat yourself up and get upset, think of this as something new and exciting that will get you to where you want to be physically. My motivating circumstances are: a) I'm freakin huge and sick of it, b) my mum has just had a heart attack so I need to sort myself out, c) I want a baby, d) it'd be lovely to shop anywhere I like and pick something because I like it - not just because it fits!

Hope you find your inspiration, this forum really helps - find the happy weight loss posts and just think . . That could be you!

Lisa xx


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Hi Babymum!

It was actually this forum that gave me the inspiration to start! So many fantastic stories and tips on here. Have you ever done different diets? I used to be on WW but found weight loss too slow. However I did lose 3 stone on it before I fell off the wagon.

In my mind I thought 'oh sod it I'll start the diet in january' but then I thought no- I could lose a stone by Xmas instead of put a stone on over Xmas!

Everyone has got something to spur them on- what are the things that you wish you could do but your weight stops you? Like taking my baby swimming for example is one of mine.

Honestly go for it you won't regret it, it isn't as hard as I thought it would be! Have you got a pack yet? Xx


thank you both so much for your replies, they have both made me think.

so my motivation: this will be the last diet I do evaa.

i have a pack, bought it in september, and tried for 2 days but then fell off the wagon. right now i am aiming for 1 stone in 1 month. lets see how that goes...


Saveloy Nights

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Like egginabap I also decided to get going now rather than put it off til the new year. I can do 4 weeks TS (as well as a few Xmas low-carb do's dotted throughout December) then have the WS week during Xmas week and can eat low-carb meals then. I have put off doing something positive about my weight for too long. Finding this forum has given me the strength to change this at last. Good luck cherub x


has some slim place to be
almost weigh in day then.. well done on starting, there was never agood time for,me I have found excuses for the last 17 years. then I had another disc slip in my back and had a long think about what I want and how bad I want it. its a great tool to use to get you where you want to be, I just think we have to keep reminding ourselves what it is we,want. good luck with your journey and first weigh in