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Motivational Monday **hour by hour**


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Good morning ladies, gents and lovely losers.

I'm feeling much more upbeat today, just taking it one day at a time and slowly getting my head around things. Lots of chats, lots of revealing posts in my diary, lots of crying- its actually really helping me get my head around things. Sam told me he has something major planned for when I reach my new August 29th deadline, providing I can be 100% until then- I think it has something to do with a new engagement ring and a proper proposal!

Mia, sorry I didn't reply to your text last night, I had my phone on silent and didn't read it until 12:15 and thought it might be a bit late to reply. I'll send you a PM xx

Jess, I haven't bumped into you on here in a few days, maybe our paths just haven't crossed. Hope you're well and your well on the way to getting things sorted for the holiday. Saw the linkie in your diary of where you are going- all I can say is 'JEALOUS!'

Goal here is to get 3 litres down me today, not done the best with the water over the weekend. Here is to a glorious 100% day all round! Remember: "THINK POSITIVE = BE POSITIVE"
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Morning Lisa!
It's fab to hear you sound so upbeat and positive, especially after the last few days- remember you CAN do this, and we are doing it with you, so you are not alone.

Anyway, just a quickie this morning as I'm running late! Good luck to everyone today and have a great one- I'll checking in with y'all this evening xx
Hi all, sorry you are not in a good place right now Lisa, But at least feeling a bit better today hope you have a wonderful time Aug 29th whatever Sam has planned.
Morning Clare! Hope you have a good one today too

Well I am off for my WI today, the scales havent moved it is TOTM so I am a bit fed up, but I am still 100% so nothing I could do better.

Looks like a scorcher today, so hope everyone is having great weather and hope everyone has a good day today.



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morning all! Back in bloomin work today...why cant weekends be longer????
Having a bad couple of days....feeling really chunky and fat...which is odd becuase i'm now back into a size 14...but just feeling low....:( Also feeling really taken for granted by DH at the moment....he is a househusband and i seem to be doing mroe housework than him and i work full time! Missing my dd when i'm at work too which doesnt help!
Hoping the day goes fast....actually, hoping the week goes fast too!
Not letting my bad mood effect my 100% SS though....still enjoying the diet and at week 8 now which has surprised me...never thought i would get this far!
Hope evryone else has a happy day!


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Morning everyone. Glad you are all sounding well today. Not so good here weatherwise. Kids off today for inservice but i'm in. Again it will be boring as i'm support and its all about the new curriculum.
Still got my head in the right place. My CDC on hol so only had one WI with her. On my scales 20 days ago i was 12.4 and today i am 11.2, I am so happy this is the lightest i have been for years. Wasnt going to update my ticker but couldnt resist even if its for a few days. I had to buy 3 weeks of packs before she left and i've made a booboo as i am 3 short for the day before she returns. I'm going away overnight on Sat to see Take That with my friend so i think i will up the plans for the day (feel really strongly about not drinking alcohol but that may change on the day!). OH and kids coming to meet me in Glasgow on Sun so we can see them again but i'll manage back on my packs. What worries me more than falling off the wagon for a day is that i might put on several pounds and as i've stuck to SS it that would be really disappointing.
Anyways, its still a few days away and anything can happen.
Have a great day.
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Morning everyone,

Sounds like you're really getting somewhere Lisa and how exciting for August. it's great to have something to look forward to.

Tilly, i know ot's frustrating but you're doing really well. My fingers are crossed for you with your wi x

Lizz.....sorry you'e feeling a bit crap. CD has our emotions all over the place but good work for being so focused. We all have fat days no matter what size we are, strange but at least your in the 14's x

Penguin is happy as ever awwwwwwww. :)

I'm feeling a lot brighter today- phew! I can't wait to get some bars and make one into cookies. Haven't done this yet. Hope i works. Anyone tried it yet?

Busy day again with paid work from after lunch and unpaid work this morning.
Had an amazing band rehearsal of 8 hours yesterday which took my mind off CD all day. When we stopped for lunch, I'd asked them to brings theirs and so we sat in the garden together, I had my yoghurt and mint tea which kept me going. No one would have guessed I am dieting.
This meant tho i had a meal and sachet to go after 7pm last night so i didn't crave anything.

Have a brilliant Motivational Monday everyone, see you later xxx


can see the end in sight!
morning everyone. i'm having a bit of a crappy morning, i can never sleep on a sunday night as i dread coming into this horrendous job. i just keep repeating ''six more months six more months'' until i get to go back home to Oz.

i had a cheeky peek at the scales this morning, only lost 1.5lbs from last week, but knocked myself out of ketosis with the lactulose i took on friday so no really surprised, but annoying all the same! official weigh in tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes. i knew the last stone and a half or so would be more difficult, but fingers crossed it doesn't take me forever to get it off, that would be so disheartening!

on a brighter note, it's 9 more sleeps until Glastonbury! it looks like it will be a scorcher too, cannot wait.

also - tried on my size 32 7 for all mankind dream jeans over the weekend, i previously bought them and could only JUST get them over my thighs (about 10 pounds ago) and now i can get them up over my thighs and bum and they are only a little bit off being done up! they look amazing too, i can see a denim addiction coming along!

hope everyone's monday is going well, let's do this thing 100%! xox


Skinny girl in a fat body
Good morning everyone. I feel better when I am at work. The routine is good for my diet. I have been awake most of the night with hunger pains so feel a bit grotty today. Got a few 'issues' going on in my head at the minute which always makes me want to reach for the biscuit tin. But ......... no, I only have 25 days to go and I AM GOING TO BE 100%. I hope you all are too.


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Morning all.
Hope everyone is having a good day today.. Had such a lovely weekend.. Yesterday took the kids to Gullivers land it was such a perfect day, the sun was shining and they had so much fun, I love days like that... I still have not had totm yet.. it really feels like its on its way but is so not arriving its driving me mad..

Lisa, sounds like your alot happier today hon, keep smiling your doing great and how exciting for your surprise from Sam..

Bubblypenguin hope you have a good day.

tillyfloss good luck for your wi hon not that you need it its horrible when you have totm and feel bloated.

Lizzmb your doing fab hon and well done for being in size 14s you must feel fab.. keep smiling.

Mollydog - wow thats a great loss hon your doing fab bet your so happy.

Sunshine s - Glad to hear your feeling better today hon, its horrible when we have off days . I think cd does that to us. Keep smiling

Eyeontheprize - Your be back home before you know it hon it your seven jeans looking stunning....... your probably need a smaller pair by the time you go home. Your doing so well hon x

Mia, big hugs hon sorry you have been awake in the night.. Hope you have a good day today.. it is easier when you are at work. I find the water is easier as I have the toilet near by.. Keep smiling not long and you will be on your hols .




Chucking it down with rain here. [insert general moans here]

Can't be bothered today. Bleugh.
just checking in with everyone so "HI". wont be round as much over the next week as Im really busy with work and kids but will try to catch up over the weekend. so have a great week everyone. Stay strong and be good.
Lexie, im sure you and my oldest daughter speak the same language. Meh! HEHE LOL


Yeah - I'm hip and down with the kids. I know the lingo. I'm like a 2009 version of the Fonz... eeyyyyyy! ;)

This is why I don't work with teens. I'm so uncool I think I've come out the other side and became retro cool. But only the really cool kids would get it. I'd just get pelters from the rest :)



Had it, lost it. No motivation left at all today, no inspiration left. Feel like am running on empty, emotions wise.

I'm away to blog a moan. Save it for there.


can see the end in sight!
aww poor lex. i'll go and have a gander at your blog...take care x


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Afternoon all! Had a nice time at my todlers group this morning (DS enjoyed it too!!) then went to butchers for some mince for DS and OH tea tonight- away to start cooking soon if DS has a nap!
According to ma scales ive put on 3lbs between this morn and now!..

WTF is THAT all about :eek::eek::sigh::mad::cry:


Its the weight of the water and food sitting in your tummy. Don't panic.

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