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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by healpro, 19 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. healpro

    healpro Full Member

    Hi, I have searched this but couldn't see my particular problem. Mixed the powders, used cold water, blender for 1 min but used 200 mls water not 150. Fridge for 15 mins, did not set!!
    Was it too much water?? Why didn't it set? Soooooooooo disappointed. Help please....

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  3. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    Most people say freezer for 10 mins instead of fridge, so maybe you didn't leave it long enough.
    That and the extra water is probably what did it.

    Try again next time :) most of these recipes take practise!

    Jenni x
  4. healpro

    healpro Full Member

    thanks jennikay.


    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

    I Would Say It Was Too Much Water,i Use 150mls Of Water And I Just Bung It In The Fridge For At Least 30 Mins And Its Usually Grand,im Just Off To Get Mine Now............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........strawberry Mousse!!!!
    Good Luck With The Next One ,
    Elaine X
  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    yes, if you use that much water then try using a heaped scoop of MAM plus a bit more.
  7. healpro

    healpro Full Member

    okey dokey folks, all tips taken on board, will try again later today!

  8. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Silver Member


    I always use 200ml of water and put in a slightly heaped spoon of MAM. Then put in the fridge for 15mins (but I do like mine not completely set in the centre)

    Good luck with it

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