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I haven't personally but heard mixed reviews, so hope u like it :)

Thornhill Cate

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No sorry. Let us know what you think if you try it.
I quite like it... Sometimes the thought of the watered down shake makes me feel a bit sick so I just make either the choc or the strawb into a mousse... Can be s bit sickly but it's nice to have some strength of flavour. Just make sure u drink plenty of water afterwards x
I'll think I will give it ago with the choc shake!! Let's hope it's better than the flapjacks!
Oops tried to make the mousse put to much water in it!! So had to make it into a shake!! 1st time having a choc shake don't normally like them but this 1 isn't to bad!! Gonna try the vanilla 1 tomorrow if it's good then I'll have a bit more choice other than strawberry or soup!!


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
LOL. I have never tried the flapjacks or the mousse. Interesting. Wish there was a bit more choice on this plan though.

Well done anyway!
I tried the choc one as a mousse and i found it way too strong and struggled to eat it.
I really liked the flapjacks but i am doing much better sticking with just the shakes.
I have tried hot vanilla with coffee in it....very nice
Hot chocolate with peppermint tea in it....very nice.

Cham Pers

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I find all the shakes too strong and have to have them with 2 pints of water. This leaves me absolutely bloated and unable to move. I could never go to the pub and drink pint after pint like blokes do. Sorry no offence given to any blokes on here! :)
I didnt no u could have peppermint tea! My tell my friend that!! The coffee idea sounds good will have to give that a try!!
I have had a choc mousse every night since I started. I love it and look forward to it every day :) I eat it with a teaspoon and I feel like I'm having a naughty dessert!!

Mix it with a little water, if you put too much in leave it for a few mins and it'll thicken up (but eat within 15mins).

FYI - LT state you should only make shakes from choc or vanilla, not strawberry (not sure why)

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i tried the choc mousse , not my cup of tea at all was revolting although everyone differs :)

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