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Mouth Wash & Side Effects of LT


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Sorry to keep asking dumb questions. Its ok to use listerine mouthwash right? Does it matter which type? Or are all of them ok to use, as I have a cupboard full of all varieties :confused:

Also a question or two about LT.
Its our first day, 2nd shake. I notice about 5 mins after my shake, I get really cold and shivvery, with mega goosebumps, which pass after about 20 mins :confused:

My partner gets stomach cramps almost straight after drinking the shake, the kind that make you think you need to find a loo, fast!

Has anyone else experienced any odd effects? Or are we just 'special'? lol :eek:
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Hi Indie,
no , you are perfectly normal, LT can affect us all differently, when I drink mine cold I get the cold shakes too but it passes. Some people feel cold all the time on LT, I only do occasionally. Sometimes I need to go to the loo straight away after eating, sometimes not. A lot on here complain more about constipation so that can also come.
As for listerene use only the one that has the colour of urine, not the nicest but the only one allowable.
As well as chatting on here always ask your chemist for advice if you have a question or fear on LT.
Wishing you both all the best.


Loves the jobs you hate!
Thank you.
Im guessing the listerine is the original one. Typical that this is the only one I dont have!
I asked the chemist when I joined LT yesterday if I could use Listerine, she said yes, or Corsadol? (sp) I guess I should have been more specific and asked which 'flavour' I assumed all would be fine.

With regards to constipation, suffering from IBS, this is already a friend of mine, so Im guessing I might suffer more. Do you know of anything that will help with this. I saw someone on here who said they were told Ducolax was fine, but I asked about this, and I was told to avoid everything except the lipofibre stuff?



Positivity is the key
some people have taken different things on LT and it hasn't affected their weight loss, don't know if it is more a fear of setting off the taste buds or what, it couldn't really knock you out of ketosis could it? after all it is swished and not swallowed.
LT have come out with a new brand of breath strips over here in Ireland called nuphar and they are freshmint, so I use them, without a problem, don't know if they are in U.K. yet.
Added as i saw your query on constipation, I was so chronically so this week i threw everything bar the kitchen sink at it to clear it. People use senokot and ducolax etc to help. Others will say what helps them most, but try to drink well and it should help. I was bad because I didn't have flapjacks that week and was travelling, I find I take one flapjack a day and have not had any problems until they were not available. Fine now again. take care.


Loves the jobs you hate!
LT have come out with a new brand of breath strips over here in Ireland called nuphar and they are freshmint, so I use them, without a problem, don't know if they are in U.K. yet.

I cant find them anywhere in Cardiff. Ive been into every shop and chemist today, with no luck. Ive had to order mine from the USA via ebay :eek:
It's listerine original you're meant to have. early on ni the diet i used other listerine flavours and still lost weight ok, but ever since i've stuck to the original. shame as the brands we can use are all pigging expensive!!

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