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Good morning daily threaders

Monday 1st February - a new start for everyone that feels January didn't go quite to plan, which includes myself!

Brr, it was so chilly yesterday - I think it will encourage me to stay indoors a bit more -its just no pleasure knowing that you will be freezing as soon as you get out of the tube/train station etc

Working from home so will pop on for more inspiration:0icanfly: x
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Size 14 here i come!
Can i join in now!?
Going to meet my CDC in 2 hours, so i am a cd'er as from today. My7 LT days are behind me, hopefully forever, unless i hate CD products. Have been unwell for a few days so need to get back into the drinking my water again. Anyway morning everyone, hope you all have a great day!!
I've been really struggling lately.... but today is a new day and i will be 100% SS!!!!

Off to have my 1st shake and 1L of water to wash it down with xx


please try again
morning girls, hope everyones having a good one

im playing the chase the ot game again today, already called once to be told she will phone me back, nope not good enough, I will call her back since ive been waiting on a call back for 2 weeks
madams still vomiting hours and hours after shes eaten, tried everything i can think of and shes on a long course of high strength anti b's but its not getting any better she needs profiling as the wedge ive been using isnt working
gotta put in some calls to the hospital too, orthotics and gastro are urgent now
so lots of stress for me but i will behave, only 2 days till weigh in so wont be sabataging myself now!
making a dent in my water consumption now but no shakes yet, too early for me
January was my birthday month and involved quite a bit of celebrating. New month, new start!

My new exercise regime is the Wii Just Dance game :banana dancer:

Good luck everyone :).

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Morning ladies, after a naught weekend im back to ss 100% to lose a stone by valentines day to look slimmer and feel sexier for my OH (and myself of course) :D

Friday was chips, Satruday Nando's and sunday was roast. Admittedly i didnt each much at all as CD doesnt allow your stomach to eat much before you feel fit to burst haha.

I was a naughty girl and now adamant to lose a stone..... had my first shake, a large mug of green tea and half a litre of water already.

Bring it on ladies :D

Hope everyone has a good Monday!


Going for Goal!
Good morning all :)

So good to be back and raring to go!

I have my weigh in this evening, I know I have had a gain and I have asked my CDC to keep what the scales say from me this evening so I can carry on getting into the 'zone' of CD. Saying this, I feel like I am in the zone again (been 100% since Friday).

Well today I am back in work, but very tired. On Saturday me and hubby spent all day finishing the cleaning of the flat (skirting boards and doors being wiped after hb finished painting) Then we handed back the keys! A little sad that we wont go back there again, as it is 'technically' our marital home!

Sunday, I could not keep still. I was fed up of looking at cardboard boxes, so I ended up doing the whole house! Putting things away in their new home and making the place a little more homely :D By the time the evening was here I was absolutely shattered. Hubby suggested wii fit (he did have lots of energy considering he had been sat on his bottom watching football all day!) Nevertheless I though 'why not' and ended up doing 30 mins - not as much as I would normally do, but I couldn't face much more.

I slept like a baby last night and could have cried when the alarm went off, but after a peppermint tea I was all set to go!

Just had my first shake and 1 litre of water. Today I am in my shared office alone (deputy on leave as her Mother is unwell) so I am actually filling out an application form for an independent school (more money) doing the same job as I do atm.

I hope everyone has a fab day, I am going to be lurking around a bit today and catching up on posts as I haven't been around properly for a while.

Big Hugs x x x
morning everyone
had a crappy weekend with little sleep cos of this damn cough, only got chesty cough meds in cupboard and its a dry tickly bloody annoying cough so gonna have to go the chemists and get something, will probably send me outta ketosis and send me silly but id rather that than no sleep.

sumayyah i really hope you get some joy today its not good for either of you all this stress and i really feel for you would seriously consider writing to your local MP if you get no joy again today, hopefully they will give them a kick up the backside they deserve.

mmmm nandos, my hubby works for a delivery firm and he delivers to them quite often, always comes away with loads freebies, marinades, seasonings, sauces etc.

freezing here too BB in fact my car is still iced up so gonna have to de-ice it before i go to work soon:sigh:

have a good CD day everyone :D
Good morning all,

Not a good day for me so far. I'm still trying to recover after a busy weekend of work.

I'm trying to get shift covered tonight because I'm really not feeling well. But no offers are coming in really lol.

My TOTM is 5 days late... and woke up this morning feeling sick. So I don't know whether to go to the chemist. I've got the sore boobs and aches, which is normal signs for TOTM is coming.

I dunno if it's late because of the change of diet etc.

Trying to get the last bits sorted for mum's 50th tomorrow.

Ughhh my mind is so messed up today.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
mmmm nandos, my hubby works for a delivery firm and he delivers to them quite often, always comes away with loads freebies, marinades, seasonings, sauces etc.
The company i work for supply chickens to nando's so i know where its come from.:D
I love it, so yummy!
I want some of the peronaise in a bottle *mmm*
Morning folks :) I am happy today because I stuck to diet all weekend and I feel good and in control. I ahd a sneak on the scales this morning although WI isn't til Thursday and have lost a brand new never before lost pound.
February is going to be a month of exercise. I am going to dance, sing and wiggle my way through the whole month!
well done alexice, i'm in a bit of a plateau at the min, it's my own fault (blips galore). So i can't wait to lose my next pound, just to feel like things are moving again.

I am 100% SS for the rest of the month in the hope of shifting at least 10lb.... any more will be a great bonus.
Back again - done my shopping run and now about to start classes! Monday is a LONG day. The good thing is that my friend is in my 8pm class and will be bringing one of my favourite skirts back with her. She took it to a seamstress for me to get altered so I can now look forward to trying it on after class tonight.


Going for Goal!
That's great AlexIce - I am also going to be having clothes delivered (size 14!!!) this Saturday, from a clothes swap. I'm going to be putting together my size 16's and taking a trip to the charity shop this weekend.

I'm not exactly in a size 14 yet, but it is a great insentive. Although, my size 16 jeans are atm falling down a little and giving me a builders bottom, which is not a good look! lol

Enjoy wearing your altered skirt hun :)

Thanks Emma - wow size 14. You are doing really well. Oh and congratulations on your new house. I seem to have been missing from Minimins when you were making the move! I hope you and your husband are very happy in your new home!

Today - 2 soups and a few mussels down which leaves me a bar and a soup to get me through the evening - no problem! Bar for a quick munch between classes then soup after classes. Did a bit of a dance around to a zumba video on youtube for ten minutes after my lunch time class - loved it! Will do more tonight!
A busy and eventful day already for some folk.

NumNums, pleased that you have had the outcome that you wanted x

I don't seem to have achieved much today (other than to do my laundry) but back on CD 100%. I was meant to have a weigh-in this evening and pick-up new packs but could now hold on until next week as I have spares.

Sorry to hear about ill- health problems for Kaya, I am out of touch in terms of health care provision for children but it does sound like a frustratingly slow service. But well done Summayah for sticking to CD at such trying times x

Not even sure what the weather is like outside - got the heating on now to help warm up me and the laundry.

Have some leave to use up before 31st March, so have booked myself into a theatre production on Wednesday afternoon that I have wanted to see for quite some time 'Waiting for Godot' which has a favourite actor, Ian McKellern. So much for my plan to stay at home a bit more, an unbeatable offer sprung up that could not be ignored. But its now given me something to really look forward to!

Ta-ra for now X
It's been a long long day! Set off to drive to work today but my arm was hurting that much I ended up at another office which is about 15 miles closer - was supposed to finish early but didn't. Came home, did some odds and sods and then went to weigh in - have lost 6.25lbs in the last 2 weeks and that's with sticking to SS 100% --- had drank quite a lot of water today though so I don't suppose that helped.

Have agreed with my cdc that I only go to see her fortnightly now, I have found that easier the last month rather than going weekly plus I think it makes it seem to pass more quickly.

So tired tonight, going to go visit my sister for an hour and then come home have a choc mint and collapse!

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening :)

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