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Moved to 810 and feeling hungry

I moved over to 810 yesterday and was feeling really hungry this morning, is that to be expected?

Does anyone know whether you can have eggs on 810 yet?

Is it better to eat the meal at lunch time or in the evening?

I had my meal as an early lunch today because I was feeling really hungry, I had quorn and brussel sprouts (because I love brussel sprouts), I cooked around 1/2 of the required amount of quorn but couldn't eat it, I tried to eat but but it made me go dizzy and I was almost sick (this has happened once before and I passed out - doctor said it was due to having low blood pressure).

Will I still loose weight on this plan - I have another 10 lbs to loose still and really want to get to goal.

Thanks in advance for your help and apologies if this appears twice, I thought I had posted it but couldn't see it when I came to look for answers.


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Trying to stay healthy!
hi jan, welcome to the maintenance bit!! hope you'll enjoy the 810 i loved it!
Cant remember feeling more hungry tbh usually was down to me not having enough water if i was ever hungry.
As for meal times it's totally up to you but personally i used to split the portions sometimes and have it midday and then the other in the evening.

well done on your losses so far, not long to go for you now!!

Thanks Lelly - I've put on 1 lb in the two days I've been on 810 as opposed to loosing 1 lb every two days - I'll stick to it though and try to up my water a bit to see if that helps because logically I should still be loosing weight.

I'm wondering if it is the milk that's doing it - it doesn't really agree with me, although I have enjoyed having a cup of tea again.

Weigh in this morning - on my own scales I'm now three pounds heavier than I was on Wednesday, trying to stay positive but it's not very easy.

Interesting weigh in, I've lost 2lbs in 2 weeks, from weighing at home I'd lost 5lbs by Tuesday, so I've gained 3lbs in three days.

The thing that I found interesting was that I am still in ketosis, I was expecting to go straight out of it when I moved to 810.

I've decided to keep trying 810 for a little while longer, I'm going to have a snack of cottage cheese (1/2 the allowance) during the day and then have a 1/2 portion of tofu or quorn with spinach for the meal. I've got some bars instead of shakes to make it easier to stick taking 3 a day. I'll also going to concentrate on water, I think I was low on that towards the end of this week. My CDC is double checking on quorn sausages and eggs for me as well. She also gave me some Boullion powder to try with the quorn/tofu to make it less dry.

I'm still feeling a little low, I hadn't realised how important my weight loses had been for my moral, but I'm trying to look at this as a step in the right direction with the increased weight just being part of going back to eating a little more normally. I was expecting to put weight on suddenly when I stopped the diet so I'll look at this as it happening a little earlier than I expected. I'm also going to keep my fingers crossed for the next fortnight and I'm going to aim for 2lbs a week.



Stubborn tortoise
Jan, it may just be that your scales are a bit out, have you gained that 3lb on your own scales too? Otherwise, it's just that your body is taking time to adjust, the losses will show. Stick with it - I lost 2 stones on 810 after losing two on SS, so there is no way it doesn't work. It is more gradual, but worth it. Hang on in there.

Hi Katycakes,

Thank you. It's my scales and the CDC's scales, both the same, I've got my fingers crossed for water retention or something like that though.

It's really good to know that is worked because ATM even though logically I know it must, it feels as if I am eating loads of food.

I got some cranberry bars this morning from my CDC, they are lovely, all of my stuff was treat stuff, this time - fruity porridge, hot chocolate and bars, yum.

Hi Jan,
when I moved to 810, the first week I gained 2 lbs :mad::mad::mad:, the following week I had a 3.8lbs loss!!!:D:D then STS the week after :rolleyes: and moving up the plans, in 3 weeks I lost another 3.5lbs... :p:p:p
So stick to it and the weight will come off, I know it's depressing after great weight losses on SS, BUT the weight will eventually come off....
Thanks Naj,

It's really good to know it works and that other people gained weight when they started it as well.

Since Friday, I've lost 1lb and gained 1lb. I lost control and went to Pizza Hut on sunday, I had salad and garlic bread but the salad in pizza hut is very fattening so not good at all :-(.

I need to gain control again I think and try to stick to the rules of this stage, it's a lot easier when you just have shakes, I'm enjoying the food now though, so I wouldn't want to go back. I'm not going to move up (or down) until I've got this stage sorted and have started to loose weight. I'd like to stay on this level until I get under 9 stone (target weight is 8.5 - I'm short), then I'll move through the other plans. I might end up doing 810 for the rest of my life though, lol. I'm setting myself a small target of making sure I drink enough water each day now, I've been very lax on that.

I've turned down a curry on Thursday though, so maybe there is hope for me yet.

I've noticed a very nice side effect of loosing weight, I am suddenly much more flexible. My Tae Kwon Do teacher commented on last night at training. I'm really making no more effort than I was but I'm achieving a whole lot more. It's great.


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