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moving from cambridge to SW?

Hi all,

I have lost 14lb in 4 weeks on CD 790 plan (quorn and shakes basically), but I am thinking of changing to SW.

What sort of weight loss do you have? And will I put on weight to begin with moving from a VLCD?

Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved.

Piglet xx
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I did CD for a while and although the loss was fast, I couldn't cope with no food. With SW the weightloss isn't as fast, but you are never hungry (which I always was on CD) and it's much easier to do and have a life as well :). Not knocking CD, it just wasn't for me.



I ate my willpower!
I tried CD last year and lost loads but found the diet just wasn't realistic in terms of family life etc. As you can see below, I have had great losses and I mainly have red days. I have been trialing green days this week and WI is on Wednesday so we shall see how it goes.

I agree with the other post here that if you start on red you should be ok. There is a girl at group who came from CD to SW and she gained in the 1s week (not sure if she had red or green) but lost it and some the following week.

Good Luck whichever plan you decide to follow.
Hi Piglet

Well done on your CD losses. I have so much admiration for the folks who follow the CD plan. I love food and don't think i could do it. As others have said you won't get the big losses on SW but you should lose steadily. I usually alternate red and green days, or sometimes two red, two green, but always a mix and haven't not lost in the month since i started. And never any need to be hungry, feeling picky or snacky in an evening - fill up or nibble on free food.

All the best with what you decide.

Sammy x
thanks everyone.
To be honest, I'm not very good at CD. I eat far too much quorn, i still eat eggs, certain veg that i'm not supposed too, loads of french onion soup (not allowed) nuts, and cheese. And thats on top of my 3 shakes a day!
I'll see how i get on over he next week, I just really want a bowl of rice crispies! lol

piglet x


Hiya, I've just flown the nest from CD too - I've tried and tried to do CD but it just isn't for me. Day 1 of SW for me today! Good luck with whatever you decide.
A gain in the 1st week is likely if you have been sticking rigidly to the VLCD plan ~ but if you've been 'erm cheating' a little then you've likely refilled your glycogen stores anyways in which case you should not gain.

I did very well on CD last year, but it's never meant to be a forever thing and because I wasn't taken with their maintenance plans, I just stopped and gained around 5lbs really quickly.

I have put on just over a stone now, but that's because I've not been watching what I eat ~ and the fact is I will always have to watch what I eat.

I also like my glass or two of wine on the weekend ~ I planning to start SW this week, which teaches good eating habits and the 'syns' thing will let me save up for my wine treats.

Good luck with it :)

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