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Moving on


Not been around much recently. I have been doing ll for 16 weeks and have lost over 4 stone so well pleased. My picking is getting worse and the weight loss has slowed down. But I am ok with this as I am still loosing.

I moved on to development 3 weeks ago and really do not like it. Its on a different night which isnt convinient to me. The group has changed, last night I turned up and the room was full of strangers. There was no seats and I really wasnt happy. I dont like crowds at the best of times. I went in got weighed paid my money, collected food packs and left. The person I was getting a lift home from as given up to so I have over a hour on the bus both ways. I just cant do it anymore. Money is tight to as it xmas so really cannot afford £66 especially as i am not sticking to it and taking all my packs during the day.

I said to my councellor I wasnt happy, It was to busy and I didnt like it. She said it was because 3 foundations groups had finished recently and the only way I would get to know them was to join in. I know this is true but I just couldnt do it. The last 2 meetings it has been full of different people folk seem to come and go away again. I shared a lot with my foundation group and feel now I cant do that again with this lot as it is to personal.

Anyway have decided I wont be going back and want to join another slimming group before I get out the habbit of dieting. I dont want to put any weight on and have loads more to lose. I was thinking of slimming world as I do love the diet but not sure if the lack of portion control is agood thing. There is also weight watchers but I hate counting calories and weighing everything.

I have been picking for weeks but how do I introduce food back in to my diet without putting on weight. My councellor suggested I went to route to management but I cant make the night the group is on so not really a option and of course I still have the other problems of money and transport.

My husband had been great and has supported me 100% but last night after we had discused it and he was sure I was giveing up for the right reasons and not just fed up admitted he was pleased and looked forward to me eating with the family again, He said the rest of the family had put on weight as I wasnt cooking healthy meals anymore. This is true and I didnt realise.:cry:

So in a very long winded way how do I go from LL to SW without gaining

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Hi Megsmum

Just popped on for aminute but saw your post and thought Id just say well done on your fantastic weight loss so far and to say I know exactly where you are at because I've been there too. I like you lost 4 stone with LL in foundation and though hard I really look back on it as a very special experience that I will never forget , but development was a big let down for me as well. I dont know if it was as you say the strangers ands lack of focus , or as much that I had just started to pick and it all just didnt work the same. I actaully went to Cambridge Diet becuase like you I still had quite a bit to lose, and it was a lot cheaper and gave more options to re-introduce food along side packs that you will find more or less the same as LL but a bit tastier. I think I needed this interim stage , becuase when I think if I had just gone from all packs and a bit of picking to all food I wouldnt have been able to curb it enough and would have gone wild (which of course I still do occasionally hence still got a stone left to lose).
You may of course have decided that you want to eat full time , and if so I wish you well with SW as it wll be a lot cheaper for you at this expensive time , but do you really want to risk going back to full on food at this 'dangerous; food wise time of year?
Google Cambridge and see if there is a counsellor close to you , and check it out , they will be able to sell you as many or as few packs as you want and will weigh you ever week and offer advice on re-feeding which is quite important after abstinance.
Anyway I really hope you carry on and lose all your weight hun, because it really is worth it.
Hi Megsmum,
I was wondering how you were doing as I used to follow your posts when I as a lurker. The CD diet idea seems like a good option but SW could work too if you think you have the willpower. Whatever you decide, remember how much you have learnt through the programme and keep reading your green book, etc. Keep posting too as I think this community of strangers keeps us all strong. Best of luck!
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You have done very well so far - you are more then a quarter to goal.

I think you need to dig deep and really be honest with yourself why you are going to leave. I am not saying you haven't been - it's just a really big decision to switch, and I know me - I need to really make sure I am making it for the reasons in my heart as well as my head. I would be afraid to switch plans personally - because my will power has been shattered over the years.

Perhaps you should give your self 3 or 4 meetings with the new group, to see how you get on? Your old group and you were all strangers once, and it sounds like you became close and were able to share. It may well be the same with the new group.

As its a new group, if that night is not good could you swap it for another? (not sure how it works) but just think one group of strangers is as good as the next.

Good luck if you go back to SW. ANd good luck if you stay where you are. And I agree - this forum is a brilliant source of inspiration.

Chin up, smile on, resolve at full throttle and power through the tough times. Look how far you have come - good luck on the remaining successful journey you will have.
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I had the same problem when I did LL-the 14 weeks at the beginning were great...but moving into development I hated it.The time was different, the people were different-I hated all the chopping and changing...there wasn't as much counselling, which I felt I still needed, and there was very much a "well you know what you're doing so get on with it" attitude.I also found that having people talking about reintroducing food soon wasn't helping.It was nice in Foundation as we were all in the same stage,but in Development we were all at different stages.I started picking, and then eating after every weigh in, and this went on for 6 weeks until I decided I couldn't afford it any more, and gave up totally.I then gained back 4 stone in 2 years and have now started CD.(After about 5 false starts).I thought about doing WW or SW but realised it would just take so long that I would get discouraged.Have you thought about switching to CD?You could try the 790 plan or even the 1000 plan as that would allow you to eat dinner with your family, but still lose weight faster than with SW.
My LLC used to say to us all the time that we would never need joing a "slimming club" again if we follow all the routes available with in Lighterlife. This is because we will have learned and understand what made us big and helped us introduce foods and recognise our triggers. I hated Development for much the same reasons as you, stopped for a few weeks then switched to Cambridge they will do the same job at half the price and without as much councilling. Although I stopped going and I am now eating I have found that i am still greedy and I still choc fest I will never be "cured" but always be aware that I do not want to get that big again. Try to carry on with CD until you are where you want to be then follow their maintanence/management structure to introduce the food, switching to WW or SW I feel will torment you and you will also be on the "diet" there will come a point where you will know in your own mind what you can eat and what you cannot, how much to eat and when you have had enough sorry for the waffle very difficult to explain. Good luck
I agree that Development is a weak part of the programme. I don't want to go each week - would rather just pick up my foodpacks and go home. I don't feel I get much out of it, but if I were leaving I would go to Cambridge to continue the abstinence, just because it's the fastest weightloss I've ever had, and the easiest. As it is, I know I need the structure of Route to Management, so that I reintroduce food in a slow controlled manner, and really feel that I know what I'm doing. So I'm sticking with Development until then (through gritted teeth!)

Best of luck with whatever you choose, but please please don't allow yourself to undo all the good work you've done!!!


Back to the grindstone!!
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HI Megsmum, good to see you on the boards! Well done on the 4stone by the way.
Like others, I went into development and found it unsettling. New faces each week and a lot of talk of lapsing and the "no food talk" from foundation seems to have gone out the window. Not what we need. I am persevering because I feel that the weight is coming off and the work our councellor does during the sessions is pretty good at building on the foundation work.
Good luck in whatever you decide to do and hang about and let us know how you get on and what you decide to do.
All the very best.!

thanks everyone for all the supportive messages. Really nice to know people really care about you.

I wrote a very nice and emotional email to my councellor this morning telling her I wont be back and the reasons why. I was in tears about it as lighterlife has been a big part of my life since August and I felt I was saying good by to a good friend.

I am determined I will not put my weight back on and I want to carry on loseing. Recently I have only been losing a pound or two a week and I know I can do that with another diet and still be able to enjoy my food. I have been eating today and my outlook is so different. I know what I can and cant eat and i really havnt been tempted so I have learnt from my experience. I have said all along if I never eat a meal again I wont mind but it is the picking that gets to me. I know can pick at healthy stuff and not have that awfull gulit about it.

I am going to go to Slimming world because I need the structure of a weekly weigh in and class. And I am worried that if I dont have that I will lapse. I am convinced I will be attending a diet class for the test of my days and I am ok with that if I get to target and can keep the weight of. Once you have reached target with slimming world you dont have to pay for the weigh in so that is something to look forward to, Also the group is held in the school across the road from me so I can be out the house 10 mins if I want. This getting two buses and a long walk every week to get to LL was a nightmare. And if my hubby isnt home in time I can take my son with me and not have to leave him with a neighbour which wasnt always convinient.

I have said to my councellor though that if I find this is not working that I will be back in touch with her and repeat foundation again. I got very little from the councelling and didnt understand a lot of it so I think if I repeated it it might make more sense. I am so determined I will not put that 4 stone back on.

I have a lot to thank lighterlife for, never did I dream I would of lost this much weight in such a short time. I know i have so much more to go but this has really given me the boost I needed to keep me going.

I had a look at the CD but there is not a councellor for my area which is amazing as it is a huge area, that is another option for me to keep in mind.

Thanks again for all your support. My tracker isnt working so ignore it lol

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You sound very positive about SW.Good Luck.Hope you keep us posted :)
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good luck on the changeover megsmum, hope it goes well.

As for this thread, as a whole... its made me quite nervous about when I reach development! I am only 4 weeks into Foundation and so far, so good... I know I am going to have lots more weight to lose after these 100 days so moving onto management is not an option.

Hmmm.... I suppose I will hve to see for myself but I hope it isn't as bad as it sounds... :rolleyes:
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
good luck on the changeover megsmum, hope it goes well.

As for this thread, as a whole... its made me quite nervous about when I reach development! I am only 4 weeks into Foundation and so far, so good... I know I am going to have lots more weight to lose after these 100 days so moving onto management is not an option.

Hmmm.... I suppose I will hve to see for myself but I hope it isn't as bad as it sounds... :rolleyes:
I felt the same way Claire.....I felt very discouraged reading this thread. I am starting in January - and it certainly was not enough to put me off - but does make me a bit fearful just how fragile this whole process is going to be. :(

I am hoping, that the severity of this - giving up food for months - will be enough driving force to keep me on the straight and narrow no matter what I encounter - as I don;t think I would be able to restart something like this if I were to come off it for a time, for whatever reason. It has to be all or nothing for me I am afriad. And I AM afraid. :cry: I just cannot fail again. So chin up - lets hope for the best ay? :)

I suppose we cannot expect the groups to stay the same, as people will all hit their targets at different times.....so its good to keep that in mind and be mentally prepared to new faces and starting over building trust, etc., once we move in to management.
I got a really nice email from my LL councellor saying she understands my reasons for leaving and thanking me for being honest about them. I went to my first slimming world meeting last night. I have always had a issue with the consultant there she is a bit rough and not my fav person but she runs the only group I can get to. I had mailed her last week to see if the class was still on at the same time and if it was ok to go along. I use to go before I started LL. I explained how I had stopped done LL lost 4 stone and was now coming back.
It is the groups policy to introduce new members and have a chat with them so she started with her welcome back and what was this other diet you were doing. So i said and then she went on at great lenght about how these sort of diets dont work because we have to eat to lose weight. If we dont eat enough in the day our bodies go into panic mode and we dont lose weight. She also said we have to have a big healthy breakfast or we will be hungry during the day and will eat the wrong things. All this in the past I have agreed with but I had to stick up for LL and say I have now proved all that wrong. I have survived for 16 well lets say 14 weeks because the last couple I was picking and not taking my packs. on 500 calories per day. I have never felt as well as I have and had so much energy. I have lost more weight in that time than I have ever lost with Slimming world and I was never hungry. I was a bit peaved she had announced this to the group in the first place, she made no comment about the amount I have lost so I did feel it was a bit of a dig at LL. She knows how hard I was finding it before and she should of been happy I have done so well but I thinks she wasnt happy I had done it with another plan and not hers, I can see her point she doesnt want all her clients leaving her group and starting LL. But a congratulations on losing so much would of been nice or Im I getting to use to being praised lol.

I got weighed and I am slightly up on last week and my final LL weigh in but it is different scales so I am not going to get to upset I will see what it is like next week. I am getting use to eating again and have gone over board a couple of times but I will get that back in check now i have my new diet book and now what I can and cant have again.

I have plans for after the new year now my class is on a Tuesday I can go to the aquafit class at work on a Thursday, I am going to get a induction for the gym and use that and I will also be swimming a couple of times a week. I will have to wait till after the new year as all the classes stop next week for two weeks and the center is shut quite a bit over the festive season but I will try and take the kids swimming when I can over the hols and will be walking with the dogs more. I have dropped hints for a bike from santa but not sure I can do it so wont be to disapointed if he doesnt get me one lol. I also want to go and try it out inthe shop before buying so I might suggest santa leaves it till my birthday in Jan. I know Santa in my house is very slow at buying pressies and he as a bad case of man flu this week so I know he wont of been near the shops lol.
Hey you in Glasgow by any chance, the SW leader sounds familiar to me too. I joined after I stopped doing CD and the consultant had never heard of the diet and told me just to follow the plan with SW. Unfortunately for me, portion control is my huge downfall and being allowed free potatoes etc... was an excuse to binge. Stick with it, stay focused. You've chosen to do this for you, good luck.

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