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Moving to 1200

Moving up the plans, how exciting! Yep 1000a to 1200 is absolutely fine. Not sure if its still the same but when I was doing it 1000b was aimed at those who were going down the plans or who had opted to do 1000 long term.
Good luck!

Thanks Marissa! :) xxx

I'm looking at the recipes now and planning what I'm going to have tomorrow. For those who did 1200, did you just follow the recipes from the book for 2 week? Is it okay to have dinners from 1000 step, but altering the calories i.e. less rice/chicken? Thanks x

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
I'd begun to exercise quite a bit when I hit 1200 so I had a few days where I had a 1000 meal dinner instead. However I made sure I kept my net calorie intake below 1200. I was using a calorie counter but that stage so knew I was safe with the numbers - the carb/fat/protein % did work out a bit different but within a healthy boundary for me.

Is it that you don't like the 1200 dinners?
I don't mind the recipes, just have become a bit accustomed to my 1000 dinners :) I was meant to start today but with the snow, it doesn't look like I'll be able to venture out. Will start when I've stocked up on ingredients.
Thanks x

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Fair enough. See how you get on. You may feel the same about 1500 when you've had two weeks on 1200! :) 1200 will reintroduce more foods to you. Actually that said, I really liked the 1000 dinners as they were similar to what I'd normally eat so know what you mean.


loving life
Enjoy the 1200, it's great and I felt totally satisfied on it xx.
Just want to say, all of you on this post are amazing, total thinspiration so thank you. Good luck on maintenance.


loving life
Hey Well done Shanny, only 5lb left to go. I lost 6lb in 3 weeks on the 1200 plan. Be prepared for your body to adjust though as the first week on 1200 I only lost 1lb then 2lb the second week then 3lb the 3rd week. So it definatley works hun xx.
ive just come to the end of my 2 weeks on 1200, managed to lose my last 5lb to get to goal on it :D
you cant be in ketosis on 1200 plan as your intake of carbs is now higher, i havent been in ketosis since being on the 810 plan due to taking meds for colds,coughs etc but i coped well with it
best of luck for your last 5lbs :D


loving life
I can't imagine I would have been in ketosis as Mandy says above the carb intake is to high but the calorie intake is still low enough to lose weight on it. Mandy a big congrats on getting to goal xx.

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