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Moving to SS+ - what effect on weight loss??


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So, I've had fab losses - last Saturday night was hard though, as I really wanted to eat something. At my weigh in on Sunday with my CDC, she suggested adding the meal - I've done this and had the biggest plate of prawns with mushrooms!! I can't believe that I will keep losing weight at the same rate by eating this much each day!!

Anyone move to SS+ after SS'ing? Does the glycogen go back on if you are still in ketosis - and I assume that I will still be in ketosis if I just follow the things in the book? I did have some smoked salmon slices, which aren't in the book, and I don't think are recommended, but they had no carbs, so I thought this would be okay - not sure if I will eat it again until I move up the plans. I want to follow the rules so that I don't feel like I'm cheating, which will lead to a potential slippery slope.

Any advice, meal suggestions, feedback very welcome!

Nik x
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You'll still be in ketosis on SS+! I've done SS+ right the way through and when I've not cheated I've been in ketosis. My CDC said it's 1lb difference in weight loss a month so it hardly anything and totally worth it if the evening meal helps you stick to it. Good luck :)


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Quorn pieces or grilled chicken breast with veg and a chicken and mushroom soup made up with a little less water and used as a sauce... Really yummy! X


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Thanks girls!

Emma, I can't stand the soups on CWP unfortunately, but I was thinking of making up a small amount of the lowest carb gravy granules I can find to pour over my chicken (listen to me saying I didn't want to cheat!!!). Would only have this once a week or so - would it cause massive problems??


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Try and get some of the reduced salt Bullion cos that might make a good gravy! Will be a little thin though compared to normal gravy but it would be pretty nice! I got some today from asda :)

You have to get creative with meals on SS+ so you dont get bored haha. I use dry spices on chicken breast (make sure you check the salt content of the spices) to make things a little more interesting. Schwartz do a Chinese 5 Spice one which I use in a stir fry with mushrooms and sliced cabbage and it's lovely!! I also love the piri piri one. Not sure if you're technically allowed these but my CDC recommended them so should be ok :) also roasted veg is always nice!! Also love omelettes with mushroom spinach and courgette :D

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