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Moving up plans to 1000 cals, before hols


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Morning girls and guys

I need to move up plans from ss+, to 810 and then 1000 before my hols in 3 weeks. I aim to do low carbing while away, but will be having the odd drink, its the hol of a lifetime and how can I not?

So to reduce the gain, I've been adivsed by CDC to move up to the 1000 cal plan a week before I go.. However, I feel this is a drastic move, and would rather go up to the 810 plan first.

Has anyone else done this and if so,, how did you do it and manage? Help needed please? xx
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Hiya hun,

Personally, I would start the move to 810 two weeks before your hol as it's not too drastic as you already have food on SS - oh actually are you having food on SS+ or the milk version? If you are having milk then I would start 810 3 weeks before for 2 weeks and then start 1000 the week before you go.
1000 is a really lovely plan and opens up so much more, but you can/will still lose, the fruits are fab, and for holiday you will probably find that this is the best thing for you. The part that could be difficult is the evening carb - brown/basmati rice, brown/wholemeal pasta (as some places may only do the white versions) - however new potatoes/baked potato (very small quantity) umm sweet potato etc could be the easier option.

HTH xx


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It's 2 shakes for the 1000 cal plan. I usually have 1 shake and 1 bar - but I have half a bar and half a shake and then the other in the evening.

If you're already having a meal with SS+ you could leave 810 to 2 weeks before you go away and do 1 week 810 and 1 week 1000, but if you really want to 'prepare' your body for the added food, then I would do the 2 weeks 810 and 1 week 1000, so that it's ready, and your metabolism is starting to increase in time for it.

Have a fabulous holiday xx


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Go for it :) Enjoy it, you shouldn't have a problem really as you're already on food from SS+. All I would suggest is make sure you are weighing out your carbs on 1000 esp things like the baked potato so you know in your head at least how much you should be having on hols, as obv it will be a bit more difficult to know on holiday how much 100g of baked potato is, and pasta etc.

Enjoy though - as you say a hol of a lifetime :) x
Second what Alex has said you will enjoy 1000 it opens you up to carbs but not too much and even though you will come out of ketosis you will be able to enjoy a drink on your hol and you will prob still come back lighter. Where are you off to you lucky thing??xxx
Wow - will be lovely - the fruit will definately be an idea for the morning, salads for lunch - and try to stick to chicken, fish etc with the carbs in the evening.
My mum is going to barbados for my parents wedding anniversary (which is saturday) but they fly september.
Soooo jealous - but dont think I could take my 18mth old that far just yet x


Excited about the new me!
I like chicken and fish anyway, and they BBQ everything out there, soo looking forward to having fruit. Really missed that. Alex, def baby too young yet, I went to Jamaica for my honeymoon and my daughter was 4 months old, had to leave her at home, it wasn't a planned pregnancy and would have been to hot for her. I need to go and buy some clothes now and I tried about a month ago, and got into next, felt good as lost weight and didn't fit into a 16, I was gutted. Need to brave the shops again before I go as my clothes are getting loose now. xx

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