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moving up the plans prior to holiday???

Hi guys, I was just off to bed but had to post this as I've been meaning to do it for a couple of weeks or so.

This maybe a bit premature as we don't go away for about 8 weeks or so but was wondering about moving up the plans before going on holiday.

If I don't soul source or do aam week while we are away (5 days in Disneyland paris) am I better to move up the plans prior to our trip and if so how should I do it.

I'm 5ft 5ish (just under) and I currently weigh 12st 7lb. I've no idea about moving up the plans ie. how heavy should I be before going to 790 etc.....

If I lose the expected 1 stone per month I could be 10 1/2 stone (maybe a bit more) by the time our trip is here. What plan should I be on then? I know it depends on bmi doesn't it?

I've posted a thread before about eating in DLP but I'm not sure that I'll be able to resist the cooked breakfasts on offer in our hotel, I'm being honest...and I'd like some guidance about working up the plans before we go, like I say, just incase I don't manage to ss or do 790 whilst there.

sorry to babble, I'm sooo tired. zzzZZZZ
xx sj xx
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I don't know the answer but I'll be watching with interest as I go on holiday in 2.5 weeks. I very much doubt I will be able to SS. I'm just being realistic knowing what I am like ;)

I want to try to be sensible about it though and not just break the diet totally and go stuffing my face with silly stuff. I know I would regret it so much!

Hope your Birthday was good SJ :)
hiya sweetheart,

thanks for the birthday message hun :thankyou: I had a lovely day thank you xxx

I totally agree about regretting eating naughty stuff, I would so regret it too. I'd like to be able to eat nice food in moderation and make healthy choices. I'm glad we're only away for 5 days as that will be hard enough as it is.

Fingers crossed we can both be strong regarding our food choices hun.

where you off to??

xx sj xx
ooooh how fabulous for you hun. I bet ya can't wait :D

I'm sure you'll have a great time, just keep thinking about why you're on cd and hopefully you will always make the right menu choices...I'm hoping this will work for me too :D

xx sj xx
I think that if I tried to SS I would get annoyed with myself and just spoil it all by doing the total opposite and pigging out.

So my theory is that if I try to eat sensibly there is more chance of success. I'll be speaking to my CDC about it though and see what advice she has. She's very helpful. I'll also see what replies you get on this thread and they might help me make my mind up what to do too :)
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)

Not sure about the best plan of action for Disney Land but I think the general rule about working up the plans is that when you get to 1stone over your top end BMI (ie 25) you should start to move up the plans so that you lose the last stone more slowly. Each stage of the plan should be followed for two weeks before moving onto the next. Not sure how far you will be off your top BMI by the time you go on holiday but maybe on the guidance above you will already be working through the plans.

Off to Greece for a week. Can't wait! First holiday in 10 years apart from one short 4 night one :)


Greece is absolutely wonderful - and you'll be able to choose such lovely healthy options out there... lots of fresh fish, beautiful Greek Salads :drool:, lovely lamb....

Blimey I could eat it all now for breakfast...!!!

H x

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