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Moving Up

when you move up plans. Is it best to do it after a full week, say 8 exact weeks after begining? or is 7 and a half weeks acceptable? Make sence?

I also need to add I dont know whether to go from SS to SS+ or from SS to 810. Help please?
I suspect it's an individual thing and you're probably best chatting with your CDC about it.. I've done each plan weekly myself.. so each week I chat with my CDC about what's right for that week.. I've never jumped from SS to 810.. this is the order (but each one's been several weeks):

started on 810 (preparation)
then SS+ (preparation)
then SS (the real thang)
then SS+ (prefered being on SS+)
then 810 (for health reasons - had to)
then return to SS+ (once I could)
then 810.. (in prep for month's hols in asia)
now back to SS+ (hopefully til I get to BMI 25 :) )
then plan to go up at least a couple of weeks on each, if my weight will allow me to.. the longer I'm on each the better, so long as I don't loose too much weight on each :)

so.. that's my plan.. but we're all different, and we have different health/body/emotional needs.. so this has been very specific to me, and done with conversation with my CDC..

Hope that helps a little..


This sounds all over the place, but it's been carefully planned, and each one has been for many weeks and for good reasons.. always talked through with my CDC..
i went straight onto SS at the beginning, gone straight up from SS to 810 for a week, then back to SS.
the only one i have wavered between midweek is SS/SS+ but never from SS/SS+ up to 810.


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