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Mr Sugarsnappea...

hello all again.

I have another problem, and I dont really know how to go about helping it.

My partner weighs about 17 stone. Now, he is not HUGELY fat, he has a bit of a belly but he has massive legs. He looks more like a rugby player with a tad of a belly. I know how bit 17 stone sounds, but he is 6 foot 3 lol.

Anyway, his eating habits are awful.

Breakfast - never, unless its sunday in which case he may cook a FULL english breakfast with 2/3 bacons, and egg 3 sauages... you get the jist.

Lunch - most days nothing, he will have a sausage roll on some days.

He will get home from work and have about 4 slices of bread/toast with butter... lots of butter. Or something else laden with fat.

Dinner - I cook, so its usually VERY healthy, its just HOW much he has. He eats a lot at dinner. Sometimes he doesnt want healthy so he will eat a whole pizza ... and sometimes chips too.

Then about an hour later he will find something else to eat, a sandwich etc..

Then before bed - he may eat something else..

AND in the middle of the night... about 3 nights out of 7 he will wake up and go and get food, glugged down with a load of milk (semi skimmed).

Plus he goes to the pub with his work mates about 3 times a week, and has 2 pints... and then wants to buy more when he gets home. grrrr.

I think his body clock is messed because he used to work nights for about a year? Now he works normal 9-5.30.

None of his jeans fit, so I bought him a pair of 38" waist... and they only JUST fit him.

Now while I love him and do still find him attractive - I have said "why dont you diet with me" ... he just wont diet or eat healthy! He has put on so much weight, and to be honest I am quite worried about his health.

whenever I mention it, he just brushes it off, or goes in a mood saying "thanks Claire, thanks for making me feel like ****.".

I just dont know what to do! :sigh:
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