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Mr Sugarsnappea...

hello all again.

I have another problem, and I dont really know how to go about helping it.

My partner weighs about 17 stone. Now, he is not HUGELY fat, he has a bit of a belly but he has massive legs. He looks more like a rugby player with a tad of a belly. I know how bit 17 stone sounds, but he is 6 foot 3 lol.

Anyway, his eating habits are awful.

Breakfast - never, unless its sunday in which case he may cook a FULL english breakfast with 2/3 bacons, and egg 3 sauages... you get the jist.

Lunch - most days nothing, he will have a sausage roll on some days.

He will get home from work and have about 4 slices of bread/toast with butter... lots of butter. Or something else laden with fat.

Dinner - I cook, so its usually VERY healthy, its just HOW much he has. He eats a lot at dinner. Sometimes he doesnt want healthy so he will eat a whole pizza ... and sometimes chips too.

Then about an hour later he will find something else to eat, a sandwich etc..

Then before bed - he may eat something else..

AND in the middle of the night... about 3 nights out of 7 he will wake up and go and get food, glugged down with a load of milk (semi skimmed).

Plus he goes to the pub with his work mates about 3 times a week, and has 2 pints... and then wants to buy more when he gets home. grrrr.

I think his body clock is messed because he used to work nights for about a year? Now he works normal 9-5.30.

None of his jeans fit, so I bought him a pair of 38" waist... and they only JUST fit him.

Now while I love him and do still find him attractive - I have said "why dont you diet with me" ... he just wont diet or eat healthy! He has put on so much weight, and to be honest I am quite worried about his health.

whenever I mention it, he just brushes it off, or goes in a mood saying "thanks Claire, thanks for making me feel like ****.".

I just dont know what to do! :sigh:
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hmmmmm difficult. how about making breakfast for him and eating together? it might be a tiny step in the right direction.
going out for walks together, with out going for a 'walk' how about visiting a beach/park/one of those stately homes with large grounds.
Just my opinion but I think that eating is like anything else we do that is bad for us and you have to really want to do something about it otherwise you won't stick with it.
Asking him to come for walks etc with you is a good idea but as for the eating I would let him do his thing and you do yours. You don't have enough motivation for both of you so you need to concentrate on your own journey.
my hubby has an apauling diet, I'm afraid I have given up :(
I think that it has to be his choice to do something about it as well. It's a shame and very difficult to have to watch that though, but at the end of the day it is his choice what he's eating. I do agree encouraging exercise is a good thing.. One day he will realise how much weight he's putting on and so hopefully will want to do something about it.


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That must be a real worry. There must be a way of making him feel you're concern is an act of caring and not criticism. I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

My friend bought her husband a couple of sessions with a personal trainer for his birthday... now he's a health and fitness evangelist. It might not last but at least he's started.

Then there are outdoor exciting things like white water rafting experiences, or horseriding. These sorts of things get you exercising without realising it. If you can afford it, a suprise trip to Center Parcs is a good way to kick start some activity. But it's expensive for a whole family.
Thanks for all the replies.

I just had a chat to him and said that the amount of sat fat in his diet was too high and it would be good if he cut it down because of the hearts probs in his family etc...
He has made some little changes - he is walking much more now... he is eating salads with me - he grills his bacon instead of frying it ..
little things which i think is great.
I have bought some of his fav cereal, so he also said he will start eating breakfast too :)
So overall a good step.



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let him get used to these changes for a few weeks and maybe suggest a few. but take it easy as he might get annoyed and give up. remember guys are like little kids [i'm a teacher and my fella is like a little kid] he will needs lots of encouragement, pats on the back and well done darlings.

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