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ProPoints Mrs moose food diary

Hey Mrs moose and welcome to WW.I dont know whether you are doing Discovery or the Newer Propoints program . I am on propoints so thats what i will point your list with.

Cornflakes with skim milk ....30g of Cornflakes is 3pp(you will have to weigh it) Skim milk 0.5 pt is 3pp. use a little measuring jug

2 slices of white bread (2pts per slice or thicker slices can be 5pp for 2slices)

Flora butter (I use flore light and 2 tsp =1pp)

Tuna in spring water .. What size tin??
1 small tin 70g =2pp

Tea ..free, ......skim milk take from morning milk allowence ie (1/4 pt for cerial 1/4 pt for tea during day)

All fruit free
All Veg free except parsnip,peas and corn.

hope this helps.


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Thanks a mill it does help! I'm doing pro points my mino book says bread is 3 each? Is that right? Thought it bit high?
We have a pocket guide with all the pp in here (Ireland) . blue/purple colour . Dont know if you have the same but on P8 under bread the first one it says
"brown,granary,white or wholemeal slices,1 medium slice(35g) =2PP)."

Feel free to ask any questions you need to ,theres always someone here to help:D. I know its a bit strange all this measuring and weighing but keep writing it down and you'd be suprised how easy it is to get in to.... If you are not pointing properly you could be overeating or even undereating and you wont know where you are. Post your menus here if you like and we can tell you if we think you are going wrong.. Best of luck ..Breda


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Ah thanks ur a star! No it's just the pocket guide ya get with the folder wen ya join! Is the book u hav worth buying?
Hi :) here to follow and help where needed x
hi,carlylanky you seem to be a brilliiant ambasador for ww ,im getting really frustrated with this site every time i write something i can never get a reply a silly message keeps popping up i have been a member for about two weeks now and it wont let me do anything can you help????
Hi again Mrs moose . I think we are talking about the same book actually ,the one that comes in the startup pack :D. Have since been told that eventhough one slice of bread =2pp ,some breads 2 slices =5pp. Depends on the type of bread. sorry if i put you wrong:mad:. How are things going otherwise for you ?? .
Rosie -what message? U have to have over 50 posts to be able to do quite a few things.... X
Iv had a terrible weekend! Haven't stuck to it at all! Feel like crap now but it's my own fault! Bought a cross trainer so will be spending the next 2 day on that!
Draw a line and move on hunny :) enjoy cross training! Cxx
Ok I have to start all over again:(
Done nothin but eat n drink over d past 2 weeks and up 2 pounds! Serves me right! Really need to buckle down now though!!


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well Mrs you do just that...start over..you will easily pull back that 2lb's and more ..good luck hun x

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