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ProPoints Mrs-s honeymoon diet diary


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Just joined this site and loving it so far

To cut a long story short I got fat when pregnant with my son, i went from 15st 9lbs to 13st 5lbs from jan 2010 to march 2011, let myself go abut after moving house and a few personal problems got married just over a week ago and think I look fat on the pictures so weighed in and my weight has crept back up to 14st!

We go on holiday end of september and I want to be at the very least 13st by then! Going to really give it my best this time!

I know I can do it because iv done it before and pro points really work for me much better than old ww plan so I just need to stick with it and not get tempted!

I'm 14st and 5'9 currently a 14-16 and would like to fit in my size 12a again hopefully by Christmas!

I can have 34pp a day! :)

Starting weight 14st 0.5lbs
Week 1 - 3.5lbs (13st 11lbs)
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Monday 18th july

Breakfast - caramel latte 2pp
Lunch - ww beef and veg Hotpot 6pp
Snack - 1slice toast with marg 5pp
Dinner - cheesy chicken escalope, scoop of mash and 2 corn on the cob 17pp
Snack - caramel latte and chocolate mini roll 6pp

Exercise - 30mins exercise bike earned 3activity points!

Total - 34 dailys 2weeklys and earned 3activity points! :)

First day was easier than I expected! Listened to iPod while exercising for the first time and it went so fast and was much more fun!!

daily pp 34/34
weekly pp 2/49
activity pp 3/3
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Well done my minimum 30mins exercise today already! 10mins bike, 5mins rowing machine and 5mins wall push ups, crunches, mini weights, squats and lunges, plus 10mins just dance workout on wii!
Gunna walk to Iceland and get some ww bits if the rain clears which is an hour round trip if not will do another 20 on bike when dh is home and maybe more just dance with him tonight!

Stuck to points too had breakfast, latte and snack for 12 points!


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Just done day one of c25k just now and it was so hard for me! Im proud of myself! I did it! So 90mins exercise today!


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so far today

breakfast -
caramel latte 2pp
2slices toast with 2tsp marg 8pp

total 10pp

snack - 2breadsticks dipped in dairylea 2pp

lunch - tuna mayo wrap 9pp

snack - 3jaffa cakes 3pp

total so far 24/34

cant decide what to have for dinner but will probably go into weeklys!

90mins excercise done, c25k w1d1, justdance workout, rowing machine, excercise bike, power walking, situps, squats, lunges, wall pressups, weights, = 13ap earned! :D

will update later with what i had for dinner etc x


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thanks hun, you can do it! i shouldve got this weight off by now i just got lazy with it but i cant look fat next to my slim husband on holiday haha!

i had another jaffa cake so 9pp left ¬_¬ hid them after that!


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Good luck and hope you reach your goal before you go away :)


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Thanks unabell!
Marnie i always feel so fat next to DH cus he's gorgeous and toned and I'm a blob haha it wasnt so bad before I had LO!!

Think im having ww bolognaise and chips for dinner! Just weighed out 4pp of ww chips and you get loadssss!! :) gunna point it all up now!


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Tuesday 19th July

Breakfast -
Caramel latte 2pp
2slices toast scrape of marg 8pp

Snack - 2bread sticks dipped in Dairylea 2pp

Lunch - wrap with tuna Mayo 9pp

Snack -
4jaffa cakes 4pp
Handful of chips 4pp

Dinner -
ww Taglietelle Bolagnaise 7pp
ww chips 10pp
Sprinkle of cheese 2pp

Daily pp 42/34
Weekly 14/49 = 17/49

Activity points - earned 13 = 16 total

Good day today will prob have a small snack later! Seems like iv ate lots but done 90 mins of exercise so that's probably why!
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I know I did c25k day one today while it wasn't raining and nearly slipped about 6times cus the path was so muddy! Wish it would just be sunny!

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