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Having followed LL since July, I've decided to take a break and eat sensibly.
The decision to stop LL has been a few weeks coming, however, I've made the right choice.
I am sooooooooo pleased I stuck with it for 100 days, as I am 41 lbs lighter now:D
I've been reading about several wieght loss plans and have devised my own by pinching bits from each;)

I had a Shake for breakfast, and enjoyed it knowing I was having food for lunch! I cooked a chicken and sliced some of the meat to have with mixed salad piled onto a slice of bread...Deelish!
I'm also going to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water every day, hopefully more, if i can.
I'm also planning to keep my treadmill walking going. I've just walked 40 mins at 5.5 kph
One of my greatest achievements this week has been quitting the smelly fags!. I gave up a year ago last July, and believe some of my weight gain was due to that. 4 weeks ago I started again:eek: , I could blame other people, or difficult circumstances, but hey, I knew exactly what I was doing...silly woman! So I'm now into day 5 of non smoking and feel great. Lots of energy and totally focused on losing the next 3 stone.
I also believe without this wonderful site I would not find the enthusiasm to maintain my weight loss and indeed to shed more:D

Wishing you all a successful journey

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Excellent Mrs Skint. 'Specially the fags :cool:


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Day 2

Having given myself the freedom to eat whatever whenever! I have thought about what it is that compels me to over eat:
a) When I'm not hungry
B) until I feel bloated
c) or think about food more than anything or anyone else!

I believe my underlying force is FEAR.

On the surface I'm confident, sociable, happy go lucky.
In reality that is make believe.
I have always been frightened of FAILURE.
I allow fear to prevent myself from acheiving goals.
The amount of times I've wanted to start my own business, and almost have, until FEAR took over and I convinced myself I'd fail.
I have never liked driving, I'm always worried about the car stalling, or an accident, anything which would cause my being noticed!
Going out with a group of friends, I always say yes and then 99% cancel and make up some silly excuse. Looking back I belive I was afraid of not being "accepted" not wearing the "right" clothes, and of course, being the "fat, lazy,greedy" one .
Although I feel quite scared writing this, I am not going to allow FEAR into my feelings anymore. No doubt it will try to creep back in, BUT, it can F*** right off. Please excuse my language, but, I feel very strongly about this.
I am not going to become "superwoman" but I am going to be "FREE" to be who I want to be.
I am no longer giving weight or food my life, I've had enough of the whole damn vicious circle.
I will be "driving" to the shops later. I will buy what foods I feel will make me feel good. Not the cakes, breads and pastries I would normally have bought then quickly eaten before anyone else had the chance. I will buy foods which really appeal. Colourful fruits, veggies, salads. I intend to enjoy what I cook and listen to my stomach, so that each meal not only satisfies me, but, it also gives me the feeling of free to eat anything I like.
I have always dished the meals onto the plates. As from today I will allow myself the freedom to help myself from serving dishes (probably the pans really, but it sounds posh) lol.
I also intend to have humour with my meals. When I have satisfied my hunger, I will hopefully have a little food leftover (never been done before!) and I will laugh at myself for being so Bloody smug!
This probably sounds like a load of old gobbledygook to those of you who read it, but, it's the "REAL" me I've just escaped from prison!

Whoohoo look out Lyn's been let loose


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WOW. Fab post and a very brave post! Best of luck and give it all you've got. Fear is not a part of your vocabulary anymore!!!! :)