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Having followed LL since July, I've decided to take a break and eat sensibly.
The decision to stop LL has been a few weeks coming, however, I've made the right choice.
I am sooooooooo pleased I stuck with it for 100 days, as I am 41 lbs lighter now:D
I've been reading about several wieght loss plans and have devised my own by pinching bits from each;)

I had a Shake for breakfast, and enjoyed it knowing I was having food for lunch! I cooked a chicken and sliced some of the meat to have with mixed salad piled onto a slice of bread...Deelish!
I'm also going to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water every day, hopefully more, if i can.
I'm also planning to keep my treadmill walking going. I've just walked 40 mins at 5.5 kph
One of my greatest achievements this week has been quitting the smelly fags!. I gave up a year ago last July, and believe some of my weight gain was due to that. 4 weeks ago I started again:eek: , I could blame other people, or difficult circumstances, but hey, I knew exactly what I was doing...silly woman! So I'm now into day 5 of non smoking and feel great. Lots of energy and totally focused on losing the next 3 stone.
I also believe without this wonderful site I would not find the enthusiasm to maintain my weight loss and indeed to shed more:D

Wishing you all a successful journey

Excellent Mrs Skint. 'Specially the fags :cool:
Day 2

Having given myself the freedom to eat whatever whenever! I have thought about what it is that compels me to over eat:
a) When I'm not hungry
B) until I feel bloated
c) or think about food more than anything or anyone else!

I believe my underlying force is FEAR.

On the surface I'm confident, sociable, happy go lucky.
In reality that is make believe.
I have always been frightened of FAILURE.
I allow fear to prevent myself from acheiving goals.
The amount of times I've wanted to start my own business, and almost have, until FEAR took over and I convinced myself I'd fail.
I have never liked driving, I'm always worried about the car stalling, or an accident, anything which would cause my being noticed!
Going out with a group of friends, I always say yes and then 99% cancel and make up some silly excuse. Looking back I belive I was afraid of not being "accepted" not wearing the "right" clothes, and of course, being the "fat, lazy,greedy" one .
Although I feel quite scared writing this, I am not going to allow FEAR into my feelings anymore. No doubt it will try to creep back in, BUT, it can F*** right off. Please excuse my language, but, I feel very strongly about this.
I am not going to become "superwoman" but I am going to be "FREE" to be who I want to be.
I am no longer giving weight or food my life, I've had enough of the whole damn vicious circle.
I will be "driving" to the shops later. I will buy what foods I feel will make me feel good. Not the cakes, breads and pastries I would normally have bought then quickly eaten before anyone else had the chance. I will buy foods which really appeal. Colourful fruits, veggies, salads. I intend to enjoy what I cook and listen to my stomach, so that each meal not only satisfies me, but, it also gives me the feeling of free to eat anything I like.
I have always dished the meals onto the plates. As from today I will allow myself the freedom to help myself from serving dishes (probably the pans really, but it sounds posh) lol.
I also intend to have humour with my meals. When I have satisfied my hunger, I will hopefully have a little food leftover (never been done before!) and I will laugh at myself for being so Bloody smug!
This probably sounds like a load of old gobbledygook to those of you who read it, but, it's the "REAL" me I've just escaped from prison!

Whoohoo look out Lyn's been let loose
WOW. Fab post and a very brave post! Best of luck and give it all you've got. Fear is not a part of your vocabulary anymore!!!! :)