MrsFatBum's Diary :)


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I officially started ww on Monday and I can honestly say that Im not looking forward to my weigh in. Its not coz Ive been pigging out or anything but coz I used to do the Lipotrim diet and I lost 12lbs in my first WI and then 7lbs etc etc... so for me to lose around 2-3lbs a week is gonna be weird :(

But obviously i understand that LT was my short term solution up to my wedding and I want to get the remainder of my weight off by eating healthy and doing exercise.

I had an accident on my honeymoon and have been out of action for a while and as a result of being bedridden and completely depressed out of my head I have put 2stones back on... so thats a grand weight of 17stones Im starting with.

I hope to be rid of it all with all your support - so thank you in advance :)

Ive had a pretty good day so far... even though after lunch I'd gone over my points... which annoyed me because Im eating sooooo much healthier than I ever was before... but its unbelievable how quick them 25points add up...!!!

erm.. i guess thats it for now.. i could never think of what to write in my diary :p
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Well done on your weight loss so far. Great diet ww is and really does work. Good luck along your way x


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S: 18st7lb C: 18st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanx Gem.
Today Im gonna try really really hard to stick to my points and preferrably save some because my sister is having a baby shower on Monday which is gonna be my weigh in day... but i will be over at her place for the weekend too. and coz she is preggers and her husband owns a takeaway all they ever eat is takeaway food and hardly cook at home... so i know at some point or other i will cave in :(

original plan had been that i would start ww after the baby shower but then i said to myself that there will always be some special occasion in my life and i cant keep putting the diet off. if i end up having a cheat day then so be it... it would be better than 7 cheat days!

i am gonna try and eat as healthy as poss when im there but honestly i come from the kind of family who would hit the roof if i try and diet and we're having a family meal or something! it can get quite embarassing at times to be honest...!

anyway rambling again. going shopping tonight with OH, usual drill would be to go out to eat something after on a friday night but not tonight! Gonna come home and finish my pasta!!!!