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MTB Shoes

Did you all see those shoes on supersize to superskinny??? I now need some and am gutted, they're 135 pounds. Anyone got some they don't want in a 6, hand them over. Even the bay of e are selling for nearly seventy. I'm at a loss, may fill my pumps with water balloons hee hee xx
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I bought some of these (well, my boyfriend bought them for me) and wear them almost every day for work.

They have definitely made a difference to my bum in the three months since I got them - much firmer and a better shape - it looks like I've had a bum lift!

I see them as exercise equipment - I was going to buy a powerplate, but of course that takes up time (which I never have enough of) and space in the house. My job involves lots of short walks so I'm getting that extra bit of a workout. I can really feel them working on the days I do a lot of walking. Even just standing in them uses muscles, so I also wear them for doing the ironing and housework (hmmm, so not too often then!:rolleyes:)

You really need to have them fitted in a shop - even if you are buying off ebay, go along and find your exact size. I've lost weight since buying mine and now they don't fit so well, which makes them uncomfortable.

I know several other miniminners have them and recommend them - hence me buying mine

Good luck whatever you decide.
My OH has a pair and he wears them all the time, could do with another pair really.... they are expensive but i would def recommend them! They really help with posture as well as working muscles, he has a cute little a$$ which i think they help with, lol....

You def have to get measured, i think J's size was 9 and 2/3rd and i also remember the man in John Lewis saying to work up the hours you wore them, not the wear them too much at the beginning.

Never saw supersize v superskinny but sounds good :D


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I also want some of these now! If anyone finds a cheaper supplier, let us know.
They are MBT's, Masai Barefoot Technology. They help correct your posture when you walk which can help with niggley aches and pains.

I bought a pair last year and work out in them in the gym or outside walking. They are really good but yes, pricey at £135.

You must be properly measured for them though to ensure the correct size. Reputable sellers make you walk around in them first. They should not be sold on Ebay because of that, but then Ebay is full of unscrupulous sh*ts.


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WOW have never heard of these before - they sound too good to be true. My bum definitely needs a lift, I'm awaiting knee surgery and have problems with my hips which also effect my back!!

Surely they HAVE to be a sensible purchase for me!!???
Hey, wonder if we all go to get some at the same time in the same shop we'll get huge discount for multiple purchase??????
I bought MBTs, they are very comfy once you get used to them but not sure I've noticed any benefits to my figure tho!


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I bought some after I had spinal surgery in 2005 and I have worn them ever since. They can look a bit clumsy but I understand that they are bringing out new styles and one is a shoe which should be suitable to go to work in. I wear the sandals all the time. There is a place in London that sells them to people with back/hip/knee Health problems without VAT charge, so they are a bit cheaper there.


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MBT :: PRODUCTS I bought the black though, not the ones in the link.

Bought these today ladies.....in the sale at Selfridges. Still mega-money, but I figure if they help ease the pressure on my dodgy hips, plus my knackered knee - as well as working the muscles I don't actually think exist on my body :D then they're worth every penny :D

£108 instead of £135....

Had to wear them for a while in the shop and was shown several exercises....could feel my calves within minutes.

I'll keep you posted!


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Oh, I bought them a few months ago and OH says that he thinks they were surgically attached in the shops!!! I LOVE them. I can walk about all day (I do VERY long hours 15+ at work) and get home, take them off and I don't feel like I have been wearing anything on my feet! They are, in my opinion, worth every single little penny!!!
It is an investment in yourself the same way as your choice of dieting method (LL at £66 per week) was. It is also one of the treats I promised myself.
I will buy them again without a shadow of a doubt.
What was the script with this program they were on?? Supersize vs superskinny??

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