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Much Better

Hey guys, sorry for being such a miserable party pooper last night...the dreaded hormones were doing a number on me.

Im much more rational today. 7lbs is a great loss...it may not be what I did last time I did CD, but I weighed 2 stone less...and my body composition/metabolism/everything has been changed since my initial weight loss.

Feel a bit better about my car crash and Im definately feeling physically better on the diet apart from some pain in my right kidney.

So Im looking forward and being positive. I may still feel like a fat moo, but I wont be for long!
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is loving the soup?!
I'm so glad you're feeling better. Do you know why you're having the kidney pain? How are you finding LT at work?


Is thinking positive!
((Big HUGS)) Glad you feel much better today..:):)
Hi Laura glad you are feeling better xx
Im managing ok at work actually. Ketosis is definately here because I have a shake in the morning and chug in the water all day and I just dont feel the need to have a shake in work at all. Biggest challenge is tomorrow, I am on call tomorrow night...a 13 hour shift. Ive bought a shaker to take in. Im sure I'll be fine.

The kidney pain? Im not sure why tbh. Discussed it with my pharmacist last night and he didnt really have any idea.

I know its nothing to worry about really, Ive actually had my kidney's scanned! One of the other doctors wanted to practice with the ultrasound machine and Ive got healthy kidneys :) And the paracetamol helps!


is loving the soup?!
lol @ getting them tested!
Glad it's going well hon.
Glad your feeling better and I hope your on call shift is not to busy
aww...thats really good to hear...well done you!!... it can be hard to feel positive sometimes, especially when your hormones are a bit to pot..lol

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