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muller fruit corner & muller rice


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Hi All,

I signed up to SW yesterday evening and today is day 1 of my weightloss journey.

I have a couple of muller fruit corners left in my fridge and 1 muller rice apple flavour - i'm someone who does not like to waste food, so would like to use them over the next few days as syns before I stock up on 0 syn yoghurts when I do my next shop.

Would be really grateful to anyone who can help with the syn value for fruit corners and muller rice please.

Is there a way to work out syns - I know with WW there is an easy way to work out points, is there a way to do it with syns? It isn't too clear in the food optimising book.

Thanks in advance xxx
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I'm at work at the mo, and for some reason am unable to log into the website from here so cant look them up.

However, you said you signed up to SLimming World yesterday - you should have a pin number to enable you to log in and look them up yourself?

In terms of working out syn values - it can be done for some things - but only things with NO FREE FOOD allowance.

So stuff like biscuits, chocolate, crisps, cereal bars, crispbreads etc can be calculated by using this rule

20 calories = 1 syn.

So for example, a Kit Kat with 110 calories in it would be 5.5 syns

When you start looking at other foods that have a free food allowence (on either Red/Green or Extra Easy as appropriate) it doesnt work, so you either need to look up the exact product on the website, or use the syns calculator on the website.

These are all the foods that have NO free food allowence, so can be worked out with the 1 syn = 20 calories rule

Alcoholic drinks
Biscuits, including cereal bars and savoury crackers
Bread & crispbreads
Breakfast cereals
Cakes & bakery items, e.g. carrot cake
Crisps & snacks
Dressings & dips, e.g. salsa, salad dressing
Fruit - canned, dried and stewed
Pastry products (sweet & savoury), e.g. salmon en croute, apple pie
Puddings & desserts
Sandwich/deli fillers
Sandwiches and wraps
Sauces, e.g. jars of tomato-based pasta sauce
Soft drinks, including yogurt drinks fruit/vegetable juice and fruit smoothies
Soups, all varieties
Sweets & chocolates

I'm actually not sure how it would work with the yoghurt - FAT FREE yoghurt is free food, but would flavoured yoghurt count as "Puddings & desserts" and therefore not free?

Maybe if someone can come up with the syn value from the website we can compare the results based on the 1 syn = calories method and figure it out?

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