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Muller Light ice cream

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Our consultant mentioned this last night. Just put a Muller Light yogurt in the freezer, take it out every half an hour or so and stir it to stop the ice crystals forming, and a couple of hours later you have ice cream (of sorts)!!!

I'm eating a toffee one as I type and it's lovely. It doesn't go hard like proper ice cream (it's more slushy) but it does the trick!
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oooh sounds interesting!! might give this a go over the weekend...really looking forward to it now. Thanks!


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That sounds great! I would try it now but we are out of Muller Lights til the man from Tesco turns up with our shopping!
There is a nice recipe on the slimming world site in the recipes archive for free icecream. I have made it once or twice and it really is lovely more like "real" icecream. Amazing with the mandarin mullerlights. x
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I don't even bother with the stirring bit - but either way they are lovely :)


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I make ice lollies with the muller lights, using those ice lolly moulds. Really nice in the summer!
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Thanks for the tips, I have 2 tubs of vanilla Muller light in the fridge, I like the strawberry & manderine ones, but not the vanilla, so i'll have a go at vanilla muller ice creame.....:p


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hi i tryed this last night, i froze muller vanilla choco with cherry,
oohhh it was better than icecream, the cherry did nt frezze 2 much so was like having icecream sauce on it!! mmm think i will hav another 2night it was so yummmy mmmmmm!!


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mmm hope u enjoy gemma x


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Hi all. Sorry to jump on the thread. Just joined SW yesterday. Can you clarify for me? My leader said the Muller Light yoghurts are all free to eat on Extra Easy but when I look in the book from my pack it says flavoured no fat yoghurt is half a syn. Could you let me know? Thanks :)


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Hi, the fruity mullerlight yoghurts are free!! There is a thread on here that list the free yoghurts that you might find quite useful.


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my muller light is in the freezer now cant wait to try it:D


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have just read sum1 else's thread,
ooopppps Mullerlite Virtually Fat Free Yoghurts - All Varieties - EXCEPT Chocolate sprinkle yoghurt with a layer of Cherries (2½ syns)

oohh i thought they were free!! :(

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I love these yogurts semi-frozen into "ice cream" my youngest grandaughter loves them "crunchy", so I just pop hers into the freezer for about half and hour before she's ready for it, and don't stir it, and it's just right for her (she's 6 .... bless!) She enjoys "crunching it up" as she goes! We love the ice lollies too! I'm sure one of the Slimming World Magazines suggested them, at some point! Enjoy!


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lol i am like a big kid 2, i like my crunchy 2 i leave them in over night, & enjoy scraping it haha dnt think oh is 2 happy with the nosie i make hehe!! x
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Hmm might try it, not sure though

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