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Muller Yogurts


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Firstly sorry if this is the wrong place to post this info.

I've just been to my local Asda and the muller yogurts are rolled back to 20p!! I couldn't believe it!! I bought 12 and i will see if there are still some in stock tomorrow and buy more!! hee hee

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wayhey thats great! I'm assuming this is the muller light ones, i LOVEEEE the chocolate sprinkles and vanilla/orange! I have atleast 2 a day lol and use them in sooo much food.

Does anyone else shop with tesco delivery? I notice online it was '3 for £1" however i never got the discount, rang up to complain and they said it was 4 for £2 instead..whats the deal?!

I can't believe they're 20p..i'm going to go mad in there lol


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I had my first chocolate sprinkles one yesterday and it was YUM!! Felt like a REAL treat, I was made up!!

Thanks for the tip off thats me off on my bike this afternoon then - always happy to cycle when theres treats in it for me lol :)


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I have just come back from Asdas, having gone completely Muller potty and bought £5 's worth. I met a gentlemen there doing the same thing . He told me so far that he has lost 3 stone on the slimming World diet!!!! He was quite nice too but my hubby was in the next aisle lol.:D


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I'm going to have a look in Sainsbury's on Monday - our Tesco is hopeless - they had 3 varieties in this week - vanilla, raspberry/cranberry and toffee (I find the toffee one way too sweet now!) so I'll get some in Glasgow.


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Our Asda still had them priced as 4 for £1, but when I got to the till they came up as 20p each.
Thanks so much for this info. - rushed off to Asda and bought loads! Do watch the dates though, some flavours were very close dated.

Read elsewhere to try putting the sprinkle one into the freezer for a few hours. Apparently it tastes just like posh ice cream - can't wait!

One of the assistants said the offer would be on for the next 2 weeks...


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Gutted, I only got a delivery last night and mine were not 20p! Never mind lol

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