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Mullerlight Chocolate Yoghurts


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I think the ones with cherries at the bottom are 2 syns each but the other chocolate ones are free.


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I've only ever seen the vanilla ones, and you have to be there when they're put out or you've no chance! (I love the toffe ones too!)


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oh i bought the choc multipack yesterday and my god those cherry ones are good!! well worth 2 syns!


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I've never seen them either.

But have you tried the ww dessert yogs...really yum. I think they're 1 syn each, but well worth it, they have 4 flavours:

Lemon cheesecake
Strawberry Tart
Raspberry Crumble
Toffee Apple

May have got the strawberry & raspberry mixed up, these are roughly what they are.

I love them...well worth the syn...much nicer & naughtier than the free ones!


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sorry i went to bed lol,i dunno if there so popular now but was at one time,oh and for the ww ones listed there im sure its only the lemon cheesecake that has syns in now ill go check


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Yeah, don't get too excited. They were out a couple of years ago but I don't think they make them any more as I haven't seen any in the shops for ages.
The article is dated Feb 06. I checked the muller website and those flavours aren't in production any more.

They sound so nice though - what a shame!

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