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mum not well and feeling upset :(


a new way of living!

My mum (66) has been feeling breathless lately, and I told her to get checked with dr.

he has done blood test and ecg etc... and ecg said she has an irregular heart rhythm.

she saw him for follow up today and he said she has to go to hosp to have heart STOPPED and restarted!

what if it doesn't start again !?!?!?

I have cried all evening last night, the worst part is I live 180 miles away :(:(

anyone's mum or anyone heard of or had this done before?

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big bear

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Poor you, sorry can't advise but just want to send you virtual hugs.

I'm sure the drs have done this procedure loads of times before & the heart will start again. They wouldn't suggest it if it wasn't going to work.

I know how you feel being away from your family my Mum & Dad live in Ireland and it's been difficult as last year my Dad was in hospital, you feel so helpless.

Is there any way you could go home for a few days????


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Hey Msblonde

Sorry i cant help either but just wanted to say i hope everything goes well and i agree with big bear, drs wouldnt do the operation unless they thought it was the best thing to do. I apprechiate that doesnt make it any less scary for you, but if you need to chat were all here for you




a new way of living!
Thanks guys, Its hard to get home as I have started a new job in dec and already lost time in first week to go to a funeral (my brother's wife lost her baby at 7 months). I do get weekends off so going over for mothers day, and I call most days and dad has just retired so he is still there.

but yeah, I feel helpless.
Hi - you must be feeling very vulnerable and frustrated at being so far away from your mum.
I think I've heard of this proceedure and as Big Bear say's it is more than likely to be perfectly safe.
Be gentle on yourself.


I am one of the 63336
Hugest hugs

I don't know anyone who has had this but I have heard of it x

I understand how helpless you feel. My dad is undergoing tests at the moment and he lives 4-5 hours away.

Will keep you in my thoughts x


is getting better at it
my uncle, cousin and niece have all had this done and they all came round after, i know this will not stop you worrying


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The purpose of the procedure is to "reset" the heart rhythm - the docs wouldn't do it if they didn't think she'd come through it.

I was in a car accident with my FiL last year & whilst getting checked out at the hospital they found out he had a irregular heartbeat. Apparently you can have this for many years without any problems. He has had his heart stopped & restarted & this sorted out his irregular heartbeat. He as allowed home later the same day without any ill effects.

Hope you mum feels better soon x


a new way of living!
thanks all, your kind words and support have all helped me feel better about it, it just sounds horrible, I am getting married in sept and really want my mum there. she lost her mum before she got married and she would have loved to have had her there, I am sure she will be ok, but my head is like I have a runaway train going through it at times.

thanks for the hugs, hugs back xx
this is a very safe and much used procedure - why don't you ask to speak to the dr to reassure yourself they will explain it all to you if you ask


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Why don't you ring your surgery and speak to one of the practice nurses. That might reassure you. It's a very simple procedure. Tony Blair had it done when he was PM.
I remember seeing a young boy having it done on telly. His heart rate was about 240 beats a minute so he had to have it done to slow it down. He was put to sleep first though!!
oh, sorry, i cannot help, but I am sending you loads of hugs and I hope it'll all turn out well!!!! {{{{helen}}}} :)


a new way of living!
thanks all, she goes to the drs again tomorrow to see if doubling her blood pressure tablets have helped, so we will know more then. i'll let you know, thanks for all your kind words.



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Hi msblonde, I'm a cardiac nurse and this procedure (Cardioversion) is done ALL the time, so there's really nothing to worry about! They'll make sure she's on the right medication and the cardioversion may or may not work, so do be ready for it not to, and if it does it's unlikely for it to be solved permanently! I'm saying this just to make you aware, not to worry you!! There are millions of people out there with irregular or fast heart rhythms- you'd be surprised how commonplace it is, and people can lead healthy and normal lives when on the right medication- Amiodorone, Digoxin or beta-blockers. I know that 'stopping and restarting the heart' sounds very dramatic but believe me it's a very routine procedure! Hope she's not too stressed out! Good luck!!XXXX


a new way of living!
stressed out, yup, I am surprised her heart hasn't stopped just thinking about it! yeah she is worried. she has a list of conditions really, just been given thyroxine and they doubled her dose after just a few weeks (mine was increased gradualy) and intially thought this may have caused it, but checked her tsh and it was ok.

she was on ramiprill or something but had to change it to another becasue she is a very heavy drinker (cutting down now, but was on a bottle of vodka a day, and starting at 10am somedays) and the meds and alcohol were reacting, she is going to a clinic for help now.

its a worry. at least she is getting help and drs are being good with her, thanks for the heads up regarding the chance of it working etc, I am sure she will be fine, but its all a worry all the same.



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Sorry to hear your Mum is unwell just now but as funcurls has said loads of people live healthy normal life with irregular or fast heart rhythms on the right kind of medication etc.:hug99:

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