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Hi Murphy

Hello and welcome to the gang.
I think headaches depends upon the individual and perhaps what your last meal was. In my case it was 'that last binge'...you know the one I mean, and I did suffer for a few days into the first week. I found drinking loads of water helps ( as we are instructed to) and sticking to the programe 100%.
I am into my sixth week now and am feeling fabulous, no headaches, no bloated feeling, lots of energy.
Good luck with your journey and keep coming to the forum I'm sure you will find the best advice here! ;)


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Yup everyone is different and not everyone experiences the bad at the beginning. If you do, just remember why you are doing this and that the headaches etc WILL go!!! I never experienced any headaches or anything nasty (except bad breath :sigh:) and from day one felt great and still do! Hopefully you will be the same!:)

You will be in ketosis around day 4 so from then on in the only way is up (or down i should say!)

Good luck :) xx
Best of luck
As summer says you may experience some, all, or even no side effects (like me!)

best of luck with your first week, drink lots of water and don't give in to temptation and you'll be well set for your LT journey :)


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Hi Murphy,
welcome and best of luck with your first week. Hopefully it will be plain sailing but if you do feel a headache drink water and you can take paracetemol - the non sugar coated ones. It will pass very quickly and once you are in ketosis you will be flying.
Hi there, I think the headache thing is withdrawal from a high carb/high caffeine diet so you may or may not get a few headaches...just pop a couple of paracetamol. If you stick with LT 100%, hunger pangs and cravings will vanish once ketosis kicks in. Pongy breath...well, nothing for it but brush teeth and tongue as much as poss through the day, peppermint tea and sparkling water help as well. I and many others had freezing cold hands throughout LT.....periods became more/less frequent, due to hormone fluctuations....BUT I still had shed-loads of energy and I got happier with every weigh-in (WI) Best of luck, come on here for inspiration or just a good ol' moan...that's what certainly kept me motivated and on track until my goal.


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Yes, everyone is different, but the one thing is once you've broken through to ketosis then the hungers goes and it does become easier. But take it easy and best of luck. remember drink loads of water.

Good luck.


I will be skinny again!!!

You might be lucky like me and not get any side effects from hitting Ketosis!!

Good luck on your journey xxx


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Hello and welcome Murphy. I never had the bad headaches on this. I hit an energy high after week 1 and still got it 24 weeks down the line. Everyone's different so you wont necessarily get any side effects. A lot of us don't!

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