mushrooms on 790?


are mushrooms allowed on 790? I had them last night poached with some garlic powder. I have to say they were gorgeous but I have now noticed that mushrooms aren't on the list in the book I have!!!:eek: I know about the green and white rule so does that mean that I can have ANY green and white veg? I'd also love to have onions if that's allowed.

Onions is a nono, as they have natural sugar, as far as i am aware mushrooms are fine, i used to have them and make mini chicken kebabs!
Oh that's good news. Might do the chicken kebab with mushrooms tonight then! Thanks for your help
I loved chicken & mushroom kebabs on AAM & 790, Icemoose gave me the idea & they were scrummy :)
Yup,mushrooms are fine. I doubled checked. Daft yellow book, it's in the sole source book though! The green and white rule isn't just anything green and white....only the stuff in the yellow book....and mushrooms :) mmmmm 790.....
you can have beansprouts aswell! nice in a stirfry!

I have had some onions the past couple of nights will this matter for weigh in day on monday