Mushy Pea curry recipie?


Hi all, I have been looking for the Mushy Pea curry all evening and cannot find it. Anyone got a link for me? Also... people are using natural yoghurt in alot of recipies, the only natural yoghurt i could find was the greek low fat one - it tastes HORRID. Am I using the wrong thing?
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Gorgeous Curry Sauce
We had a tasting at class last night & our consultant brought in a curry which was so nice & totally syn free on green or EE:

1 Tin Mushy Peas
1 Tin Chopped tomatoes
1 Fried Onion (in frylight)
Medium Curry Powder (as much as you want to taste
She put quorn pieces in one & quorn sausages in the other, it was divine, she said all you do is chuck it all in a pan & cook it up

Think this might be it?


Thank you!


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I add garlic and mushrooms too, yummy!


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I made this today. Best Curry yet. Really Easy I blitzed the Peas and Tomatos together, Pureed the onions and added Garlic, fried with Fry Light, then added Madras Curry Powder, left to cook for a few Mins then added Pea and tomato. Absolutly Fab.

I even Had my lad eating it, although didnt tell him what was in it, cos he doesnt do peas. He loved it as well, so much he made me freeze the leftovers.



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I always make the mushy pea curry. Its quick to make. I sometmes add fruit and make a fruity chicken/quorn curry.