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Must face the music

It is my weigh in tonight and I'm kinda in 2 minds whether to go. Since I last weighed in I've had 3 meals out ( Italians and only once did I choose a tomato based sauce, which actually was really boring), a take away, a boozy night out, lots of chocolate and birthday cake. I did plan to approach my birthday week with some element of control but other than 2 days of counting points the rest of the time has been terrible!
I've accepted this and am well back on it today, started a new tracker book and everything but just don't know whether to go to WI tonight. Part of me reckons I should just deal with it and that stopping to the meeting will make sure I'm in the right mindset to have a good week, but the other part thinks ignorance is bliss and better not to know what I've gained. I know I should go...
Any thoughts? X
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I would say go so that you are facing up to things and as you say to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Also, if you don't know what you gained then you won't know what you lost next week - next week's loss might be less than your gain and then you might think you put on two weeks running IYSWIM
I agree, and you are right about seeing what i've gained to put next week into perspective, but totally dreading the scales. Maybe it won't be as bad as I thought although gained 1/2 lb last week even though I'd stayed within daily and weekly points. Eek I shall be brave! Haha. X


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Please don't worry too much about the WI. You had a binge and you might have put on. It happens. You will probably be cross with yourself but just learn from the experience and move on. Hopefully your leader will not beat you or anything lol. I know how you feel though - that you feel you have to explain yourself etc. But you are doing this for you and no one else :)
Even if its a gain, you need to face it, acknowledge it and move on and have a good week next week. I have bingey weeks/weekends, I bare in mind that I might not lose weight, but thats ok, because im doing it slowly :) Good luck!
Thanks guys. I just hate seeing a gain, but doesn't anyone? and I did enjoy my binge. I know for myself that I will have bad days, I like food too much. My problem in the past is that they have gotten the better of me.
I'm back into focus now so know whatever the scales say tonight, they will hopefully be less next week! X
i have wi tomorrow and not going,,i've been good with food and exercise and i'm up,,but i know if i see an official up i'll be so mad:( ..plus i could do with the €10:)
Well I went and have gained 3 and 1/2 lb. Gutted, felt like crying but I stayed to the meeting and felt more motivated afterwards. Just hope cocktails on Friday night doesn't take up too many weekly points.
Yummymummy, I prob wouldn't have gone if I didn't have a monthly pass and it was already paid for. X


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I would have definitely have gone, and faced the music and put a line under it! :)
it's good that u went, at least u will have that motivation from the meeting, I have found in the past that if I didn't go after having a bad day/week I was more likely to miss another wi and another etc. so now I go every week regardless of how I've been, although bit nervous about tonight as I have used over 20 of my weeklies and only been to the gym once this wk :eek: was feeling a little under the weather no energy etc and a dodgy tummy, but will go and c what tonight brings still been good but feel naughty if I dip into my weeklies lol
Yeah I still feel bad for using my weeklies and try not to, which I can do if I'm not going out but if I am out then they'll be gone pretty quick! Good luck for yr WI, sure it will be all good cos sounds like you've been good! X

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